The meaning of colours

The meaning of colours

Christine’s new outfit

Christine’s new outfit is just as colourful as all the outfits she wears. I decided that this time I would like to put a post together about colours, the meaning of them and then show you Christine’s outfit photos from our latest shoot. Mix your colours the way you want it and think about your favourite colour combination. Mine is royal blue and black. I can never go wrong with it.


Blue is the colour of sadness. Hence the expression “I’m feeling blue today”. It is also the colour of stability, softness and calmness.

When you wear yellow experts might think you are jealous rather than summery. But they could also think that by wearing the colour of the sunshine, you want to show the world your joy and happiness.

When you wear red you are powerful, energetic and you know everyone can see you, because red has a high visibility. It is also a colour of love, so I guess red is a good choice for a date if you don’t want to be forgotten.

If you put on your orange sweater you will also seem like summer herself and full of optimism.

Black is mysterious, which is probably we all love to wear all black everything to hide behind it and to express our secret self no one knows about.

White is innocent, pure and perfect.

Mixing up colours is basically showing all the types or person you are. A mixture of colours always shows a mixture of feelings, a person who loves to experiment what makes the perfect outfit even more perfect.

Wear colours, it’s good for your soul



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