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We scheduled a photo shoot with Brant for a very cloudy Saturday in our usual Merchant City, Glasgow spot. Before I started getting ready I texted Brant and told him that he has a photo shoot too. He said okay and happily shared the news that he got a new top yesterday that he wants to wear for the shoot.

As I don’t have many men’s style photo shoots, this one is a precious one. Not just because I am going to show you how Brant does “simple styling”, but also because Brant has been taking my photos for the blog for over 2 years and I have never had the chance to introduce him properly. If someone deserves all the attention for believing in my blog, supporting me and always taking the time and huge efforts into the amazing photos, it is him.

“Disclaimer: I am a photographer, not a fashionista.With that said, here’s what I stick to: blacks, greys, dark blue and maroons. I prefer clean, simple, minimal designs. My favourite brands are probably FCUK, Burtons and indeed, Primark.”

He dresses for comfort and doesn’t faff around, because wearing a pair of joggers for a photo shoot might be different than what you expect but it is essential for a good photo shoot. Talking from personal experience.

Although when it comes to dressing up he “always pack heat to the dressy style“. Like the shirt he is wearing with a mandarin collar. This the Western name of a “horse jacket” which was a uniform for mandarin bureaucrats in Qing-era China (took the info from Wikipedia, and it is new to me too)

Want to know something more exciting than what you have read already?

“Least worn item? It’s this chewbacca onesie, simply too hot to wear.”

Men don’t always follow fashion trends, but having a style and knowing it is not about following trends.


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