On the jacket I made

Be kind is the quote I live by. Well, I try my best. It is powerful, it can change anything and everything, it is good karma and it does not require any extra effort, because it is a simple human thing to do.

I always wanted a small tattoo, but I am scared of getting one done, because it is something that you cannot get rid of even if you really want to. Obviously, I found a way to remind myself of the mantra by wearing it. And how amazing my very old H&M jacket looks like now after the revamp with some embroidery.

I learnt my embroidery skills from my Grandma, this time I used her cushion cover embroidery patterns for my jacket. It is a Dora version of Hungarian embroidery, because I went free style with the pattern and I used the colours that I liked.

I decided to show my jacket in a very simple outfit wearing my go-to black skinny jeans, a burgundy off shoulder bodysuit from the sales and my sock boots also from the sale. I wasn’t a fan of the sock boots at the beginning. I didn’t like the styling, the kitten heels, or even the needle heels and they felt uncomfortable and unstable. When I found a chunky heel and platform version of the sock boot in H&M sale shelves I knew it was meant to be.

How lucky I am again finding the perfect shoes in my size 🙂



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