Karina’s french style

Karina’s french style

When Glasgow turned into Paris

What I love most in Karina’s outfits is that she always has a whole idea around them. From the bag, the shoes, the clothes, the place, hair and even small accessories like a cup of coffee. In this post the whole idea was Chanel. For me it was more like the working #Girlboss in Chanel. She wanted the photo shoot to be like we are in Paris and I am happy to try my best to create the photos my models imagine. Because sometimes the models tells me what they want and I don’t have an issue with that.

Glasgow is a very international place so somehow we can always find an area that can easily be turned into an other city from anywhere around (mostly) Europe. I would love to say “The World” but I am not sure I could turn Ayr into a Hawaiian beach scene…

This time we turned Glasgow into Paris as much as we could by using the classic buildings in the City Centre that would give the perfect environment to the pink Zara outfit Karina is wearing. Yes, the outfit is Zara inspired by Chanel’s signature tweed dresses with matching little jackets. A little fashion history: Coco Chanel put a thin chain inside the tweed jackets in the 1950s that would give a nicer look for the boxy style jackets, keep it close to the body and giving it a nice fit and fall. Chanel discovered the tweed fabric when she spent time in Scotland with one of her lovers, then took it back to France to create her own clothes from it.

The modern twist in Karina’s outfit is a triangle shaped Balenciaga bag and the chunky heeled Prada shoes that she has worn on the blog before in a different but also pink outfit. She is the perfect representation of the elegant, confident working girl who always looks flawless and with a cup of coffee in hand. Without all sarcasm, she is also a perfect representation of herself, the above mentioned #Girlboss I know. A photo shoot with her is always a pleasure. And a nice catch up on life, honest support for each other and some fashion knowledge exchange.


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