A minute silence for our summer clothes in Scotland

First of all, Queenie is an always returning fashionista on my blog because her absolutely amazing style and personality. And because she doesn’t have a blog to show her awesomeness.

Every time I look at these photos two things come to my mind: The VERY FIRST time Queenie went to Glasgow Botanic Gardens and got extremely excited for all the cacti and the second thing is that I want to scream is ‘George in the Jungle’ because it is just so funny and she looks so cute in that outfit with the big leaves. I have been in Scotland for five years and I have seen the Botanic Gardens in the West End several times, but I never thought that I will be the one who shows this beautiful place to a Scottish person. But okay, she is not from Glasgow.

Queenie is obviously showing us some major summer style with the denim jumpsuit. First of all the t-shirt & jumpsuit combo will never go out of fashion. I personally love it just as much as strapy dress & t-shirt combo. Secondly it’s a pair of WIDE LEG JUMPSUIT. I am totally living for this wide leg trouser thing, which is why I have a pair of black, khaki, purple, brown, baby pink trousers and two pairs of striped wide leg culottes. Call me crazy, but it is more comfortable and looks absolutely amazing on everyone! If you don’t believe me check Queenie’s outfit once more and watch& learn.

This outfit is all about styling Zara clothes and accessories in a way you can’t see in the window.

Keep it special and unique lovely readers and give me all your wide leg trouser outfit ideas 🙂



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