The Brand Ambassador for Raspberry Fields Clothing

The Brand Ambassador for Raspberry Fields Clothing

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I never thought that once I will make it to this with my blog, but after two and a half years of writing, taking photos, attending events, enjoying a big award night after my first blogger nomination and spending days figuring out how could I make more readers by being myself and doing my own thing I can finally tell, that I collaborated with a local business and I became a brand ambassador!

I started my blog to show real fashion where you wear what you have and use the same clothes over and over again. I have been working on creating a place where you can find real inspiration. I wanted to show that owning a certain amount of clothes is a good thing if you have some creativity to mix and match without always buying something new. I have been working on my outfits to show how you can benefit from shopping vintage, charity and sales clothes, because they can still be just as fashionable as everything else you can see in fast fashion shops. For the same reason, I always collaborated with local businesses because they are more unique.

My blog is still not where I want it to be, there are still so much work to do to show that my kind of fashion is looking and feeling confident in your clothes. You don’t have to look like everyone else on the streets, you should be the one who does everything differently! And I like to show those people who do it differently. I show my clothes, my outfits, my style because I have a story to tell with everything I wear. If I wear it twice, there are two stories to tell.

So for this reason let me show you my first Raspberry Fields Clothing design which is Mo’s personal favourite.

The black and pink T dress and the matching bag are classic for the brand and I am so happy to tell everyone, that the colours were personally chosen by me! Obviously the inspiration came from Mo’s previous clothes, but I loved this combination so much that I knew it was meant to be. I chose pink over blue. FOR THE FIRST TIME!

But because blue is my favourite colour I had to wear the dress with my floral boots that I got from the New Look sales and probably wore it in 5 different outfits in my previous! I won’t ever get bored of it because it looks amazing, goes with everything I own and this simple and stylish dress was a perfect match! Contrasting colours everywhere creating a beautiful outfit that I will wear anywhere! When the Scottish weather allows me to.

My accessories are always simple. I have a very small amount of bags and they are red, burgundy and black so they match with whatever I wear, but they are always the least important part of my outfit. Literally everything in my wardrobe goes with everything. This time I wanted to focus more on the bag. It’s not just beautiful in detail, but I can actually wear it for anywhere, because it’s very simple and I like “less is more”.

With this outfit I would like to open a new chapter in my Dóra’s book which is all about being a Raspberry Fields clothing brand ambassador which comes with an amazing brand and designer, amazing clothes and discount for my readers, because without you I would not be where I am now! I believe the only way is up from here, as long as you like what I’m doing 🙂


Thank you so much for the support and special thank you for Brant for the always fabulous photos! 🙂



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