Raspberry Fields Clothing

Raspberry Fields Clothing

Interview with Mo about the brand and our collaboration

I love a collaboration with local designers, because they have different ideas about fashion, they don’t do fast fashion and you’ll look exactly like yourself not a mannequin from a recognisable shop. They always add a little extra- their souls, their creativity and faith – in their own clothes and they choose their models, influencers, brand ambassadors based on their feelings about people, not by numbers on social media. Those numbers are always secondary. They still want to build a business and sell their own ideas but it works better with people with passion.

I wanted to introduce Mo and her designs in this post.

Oh and let me take the moment to tell you that after my meeting, interview and a photo shoot in her designs, Mo asked me to join her team and be a brand ambassador for Raspberry Fields Clothing. I said yes and with this comes with discounts for you 🙂

Raspberry Fields Clothing was launched in 2017 with launching a website to sell clothes that are designer but affordable. Mo designs her own clothes that are easy to wear and “yet very stylish and on trend“.

What I most like about my designs is the attention to detail, I have a degree in Costume Design for Film and Production, which is all about detail in design and encourages uniqueness. I like to think this is reflected in my clothing.” – says Mo, who gets her inspiration from historical clothing that influences the designs we wear today. 

“My most favourite piece is a long TDress with matching accessory clutch bag. It looks great with jeans or on its own and has been bought in sizes 8 to 20, it adapts well to all sizes.” I am wearing the dress in a black and pink version  in my next outfit post with a pair of “something” I have worn before so many times. 

Let’s get back to Raspberry Fields Clothing. I found out about the brand through my Instagram. More than half of my collaboration come from there and when Mo started following me I kind of knew that this is a brand I would collaborate with I just did not know what are the chances of this happening. The clothes are elegant, smart, but at the same time casual and easy to wear. I can see myself in them which is always one of the most important things when I pick a brand to collaborate with. Mo sent me a very nice message about how much she likes my blog, my writing style and my unique clothes. A nice and personal compliment on something I am doing always lifts me up and telling me I am different makes me feel better.

When we met for a coffee I met this amazing woman who is full of ideas, has the right qualifications and all the faith and belief in herself, which made me feel so good and positive about my blog and making it bigger. I am not the first person she collaborates with, but I am so happy that she is the owner of the first designer brand I collaborate with.

I collaborate with bespoke weaver ‘ Warpweftweave Studio’ who designs tartan in Perthshire Scotland, I make custom clothing for his customers. Dora Pongracz, the amazing blogger who is writing this blog and a brand ambassador for RF in Glasgow. Through Instagram I met Nidhi Goel who loves my clothing, I sent a top to her in America to be worn and advertised on Instagram,  I also sold to Sonja Lim in Melbourne Australia who posted herself wearing her RF top on Instagram, and she may become a brand ambassador. Quite a lot of activity in five months.” But the biggest turning point in Mo’s career came when she started selling outfits with accessories: “People like to buy an outfit they can see all together, teaming my accessories with my clothing has increased sales and has inspired more design ideas and future collaborations hopefully with footwear companies.

When I met Mo, we were going to do a photo shoot, but as we had a time limit we ended up chatting, sharing ideas, talking about future plans and inspiring each other. Then I got my T dress and I bought myself the matching bag, because I loved it. The detailing, the feel and the very easy style of the bag made me do it.

So now I have a full Raspberry Fields Clothing outfit which I am sharing in my coming post on my blog! Until then give a visit to the website and use code dfb10OFF for your 10% discount 🙂

Raspberry Fields Clothing

Happy Shopping!


P.S.: For featured photo many thanks for the amazing Brant! 🙂



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