#AllBlackEverything by Michelle

#AllBlackEverything by Michelle

Spring, summer, all black everything.

For some spring and summer seasons are all about flowers, patterns, colours, freshness, brightness, craziness and freedom. For some it is all black, freshness, brightness, craziness and freedom. Because not everyone likes colours and this is how they do it.

After Michelle’s first goth street style post, which was record viewed in the blog’s history, here is the casual spring style she wanted to show to all those who have no idea about goth fashion, or wearing black during the brightest seasons. The season when all black is just as outstanding from the colourful crowd, as a big pink coat in the dark winter crowd.

As Michelle said this isn’t really goth, it is simply dark and a little alternative. The dress Michelle is wearing is something she have worn for interviews, casually or night-outs. I never tell my models what to wear, I let the, be who they want to be and based on their stories they always wear something perfectly suitable for their personalities. And there is always a little twist that makes every post special and one of a kind.

Michelle added a leather jacket to her outfit, which is no the real “spice it up” yet, because we agreed that a leather (real cruelty free or faux ) is a must have. “They suit any kind of style because a leather jacket doesn’t always have to be black! ” You read the quote from the girl who lives her life in black saying that it doesn’t have to be black. One thing to learn: if YOU like it, buy it. You wear it, you own it, and people who judge… who cares?

Michelle is wearing a pair of shiny boots from H&M and the reveal about high rise boots and 5ft 1in girls is here: WEAR IT IF YOU WANT!

I loved them as soon as I saw them. I’ve only had them a month or so but I’ve tried to wear them as much as I can. Because I’m only 5ft1 I feel like any ‘boots’ make me look even shorter which is why the bigger the platform the better for me! I love anything that makes me think of space, spacesuits or anything like that, so silver and shiny … I’m like a Magpie.


Spring/summer season is not always about colours, mainly not if you do your own thing and don’t care about what fast fashion shop tell you to do. It’s a feeling, the feeling of being refreshed and free.

Be yourself & enjoy it


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