It’s book o’clock

It’s book o’clock

A booklist for romantics, sci-fi gurus, fashionistas and everyone else who loves to read!

I decided to start this series on the blog because I love everything arty and inspiring and for me books are the “bestest” inspiration. I also love a good movie and a museum with beautiful classic or modern art, but reading is still my favourite relaxation.

I know bookworms still exist and that people still love a little bit of a quiet time when TV is off, phone is away and all you do is nothing but reading. It triggers your imagination when you have a good book in your hands. When you read your vocabulary is improving, it definitely improves grammar and it also improves your creativity because you are “forced” to imagine what you read, this how every book leaves a mark, because you see the story in your head. Otherwise you will have no idea what you are doing.

Now that “the reasons of why you should read” are done, here are some books I recommend from many different genres:

Cosa Nostra by John Dickie

A historical documentation of everything police and journalists know about the Sicilian Mafia. The book is all about facts, however there still unfinished lines in the story. It’s definitely a good read for the lovers of history.

Origin by Dan Brown

I love all Dan Brown books because they are always documentaries about art, countries and symbols of the world as well. I am impressed with the story line, the writing style and all the information this book has. I finished the 500 page book in 5 days because the story is way to exciting!  Robert Langdon is back to solve the world’s biggest questions and find out who we really are. 😉 It’s better than watching an action movie.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Much better than any other books for those needing a pep talk or just a good read about changing your thinking and getting over mental health issues. This book is the one that will make you realise you just need to look at things from a different angle and everything will be fine.

The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald

Okay I know it’s something most people have read or had to read in high school. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to see the movie. I prefer reading the book first, so I decided to give it a read and I have to admit it’s amazing! If you haven’t read it and want to jump back in time, imagine life a bit differently, definitely read the book. It’s a romantic novel with parties, cars and pretty people with strange thoughts. Oh and love, so much love!

Go set a watchman by Harper Lee

If you didn’t join the hype when it was published in 2015, 55 years after the To Kill a Mockingbird, then enjoy your time reading this one. Same people, same place, different story, so much “adulting” and history and politics. There is so much to tell and so much to understand and I am already looking forward for a third book, because there are still loads of questions.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

OMG! READ THIS BOOK! It’s different from the movie, and I know how amazing Meryl Streep’s Miranda is, but there are so much more you need to know and it’s all in the book! Andy is not always cool and Emily is not always a b*tch. And Miranda was born with a hundred different personalities.

Blogging Made Easy by Hashtag Blogger& Rumena Begum

This is a book about people who blog because they like it and have unique ideas that could help and involve a lot more people if they had the readership. With the help of this book you can easily get what you want without paying for it. It’s all about that little bit of effort you put in your favourite things.


And an addition in Hungarian –

Magyar nyelvű könyveket is igyekszem a listához adni, hogy minden olvasómnak jusson valami érdekesség 🙂

Rafael Santandreu: A boldogság receptje

Nagyon jó pszichológia könyv az elfogadásról és saját boldugságunk megteremtéséről. A könyv megtanít arra hogy mindened megvan már ahhoz hogy boldog legyél és semmitől nem szabad félni. Félelmeink legyőzése és az elfogadás a legjobb dolgok a boldog élethez. Nagyon jó könyv, végig azon nevettem, hogy milyen buták tudnak lenni az emberek.

That’s all for now, it will probably take time for everyone to finish these books, but enjoy!


P.S.: If you have any recommendations please share it with me! I love a good read 🙂


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