The Smart Look

The Smart Look

With trainers, ’cause this is how I do it

One almost springy day in Glasgow and I am out and about in parks to find the perfect natural background for my outfit photos.

This time my natural background came with a smart outfit. Or the other way round. The important thing is that wide leg trousers are still a thing, and to keep the outfit simple and smart, I chose my white Superdry shirt and my white Adidas Nizza trainers. I love that trainers with smart wear is still a thing. The proof that the #girlboss does not always wear Prada, or heels, but anything that is comfortable and does not go with the outfit at all.

It started around c1996, then more and more celebs wore their Chuck Taylors on the red carpet, then the trend made its way to the catwalk. And it is still ongoing. It became one of my favourite things, but I am still not brave enough to pull it on for a job interview. Would you do it? If you have done it, how did it go?

My trousers are from Dress For Success Scotland – Topshop Unique. It is super high waisted and was super long, i just cut the end and made it for my size. It came in a set with a sleeveless blazer, which I will show in another outfit soon, until then let me walk around in the widest trousers I have ever had.

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