Pamper day – Forever product review

Pamper day – Forever product review

I am writing about beauty here for the very first time

Okay people, I am very very new to blogging about beauty products, I never really share what I use to keep my face clean, I don’t share anything about my skincare routine, so here are a few things:

I have combination skin type and it is also extra sensitive, so I have been using beauty products and visiting a beautician every 6 months since I was 17. I don’t have serious skin issues, I just have bad habits that result in irritated and red areas and products can’t always solve these problems. But I obviously have and had issues using the wrong products too. So what is important here is that so far Nivea and L’oreal worked (non of them paid for me to say this). But I can only use water based products and it is the same when I buy makeup. I have a make up post coming soon with everything I have learnt from my sister, so keep an eye on the blog! Or subscribe, because that is easier 🙂

Another thing I feel like I need to tell before I start the review: I am very ew to these products, and I was using them for a week, I am being very honest here, however there is nothing negative about what experienced, only good things. I am 100% happy to hear your experiences with the same products and I am also happy to give you more info on how I used certain products. I don’t want to convince you about using this or that, I would like to give you the option of trying something completely new. Remember one thing: just because it did or did not work for me, it does not meant it will or will not work for you! If you are interested, give it a go. It’s good to experience new things 🙂

So, about Forever Living Products..

My really good friend, Alana has a company and a true admiration for Forever products. I have met her at my work and we’ve been friends since. Here are all the details for you to contact her about anything regarding Forever UK:
Facebook: Force of Nature

Forever is the biggest producer of Aloe Vera in the world, they use a cold pressed method to stabilise the aloe which means it’s a live nutrient dense product. Forever patented the process so no one can copy it and to ensure it stays superior. They only use the inner leaf gel as that is where all the benefits are. Forever don’t use any herbicides, insecticides or pesticides. Our products carry the leaping bunny, kosher, Islamic society, aloe science council & halal seal of approval. The company started 40 years ago and now operates in 155 countries.” – the expert here is Alana, who obviously have the knowledge as she has been in the business since January 2015. She also knows how to decide on what products would be beneficial for you, so if you need advice here is how she knows what she is doing: “We have access to an advisory board of doctors, scientists, nutritionists, dermatologists and vets (the products are also used by vets). We get training from them on the products. Also I decide based upon what you tell me about your skin type & what I think will suit you best. I do always put in a wildcard product which is a favourite of mine, this was the serum however I think it might be too rich for Dora because it’s designed more for older skin. 

I am so happy that I had the chance to try it and before I show you what was in my basket, let me tell you that I loved every single product. They all worked very well, I also have my favourites and there are also products that I would use less than suggested.

The scrub was amazing!!

I used the scrub every day! My skin can go dry very easily and a gentle scrub will help a lot during my morning routine. This one is good for every part of your body. This is my favourite and one of the best I have ever used.

The propolis creme was really good for my dry skin, but if you start using it, you won’t stop. I have a few areas on my face that are higher in pigment as a result of acnes and scares. This creme lightened them up, so my skin tone is more even.

I love a good mask and this one is just as good as everything else before! However I put on a mask once a week just for fun to be honest, so maybe I should start thinking about putting it on “not” just for fun? Anyway about the product: I recommend it for dry skin and for redness. It smells great too!


One more info about me: I am a regular dentist visitor. Meaning: I go every second week right now until May, then after that probably every 3-6 month. I am only talking about a toothpaste here, but that information was important so you know that I have very sensitive teeth so teeth whitening is a NO for me. I used the Forever toothpaste for a few days and it was great! I love that it is 100% natural, does not contain any fluoride and still tastes good!


The serum caused me a little bit of a rush on my face, but I also used it to moisturise my hands and arms. This one is for older skin, which is why it might be too much for my skin. It feels amazing, and it also smells great. You should use this twice a day, for me once was enough. Other than the rush, when I stopped using it, my face didn’t go dry, it stayed hydrated, which is exactly what I want. I don’t use “stuff” on my face sometimes, just to keep it natural and let it be! 🙂

I am very very very sensitive with my hair. I used to dye it, but 4 month ago I stopped to let my natural hair grow. I use a 100% coconut oil, castor oil and argan oil mixture hair mask, and sometimes I skip shampoo and conditioner. I damaged it ages ago using different types of shampoos and dying and not always taking care of it properly, but it became my biggest beauty thing and all those 100% natural oils worked, however I tried the Forever shampoo and conditioner to see how this works. First I think I might have put too much conditioner, because it felt greasy, but Alana warned me about this, as the shampoo and conditioner with made 100% natural oils as well. Then I realised that just like with every other Forever product you need the tiniest amount to make it work. My baby hair still stayed curly, but at least it was nice and shiny, so I am happy with it.

All in all, the products are great for my dry and sensitive skin, for redness and pigmentation and for damaged hair as well, plus if you want naturally white teeth!

Okay, I think I am done now so let me thank again Alana for all her help, amazing knowledge on the products and for choosing me! If you need any help, information or just a chat, comment, or ask Alana!


P.S. Photos taken with an iPhone 6, not my camera as it was not available at that time.

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