50 days “clean”

50 days “clean”

Since 13 February ’18 I have not shopped and this is what happened

I wanted to share with you my experiences of  my own no shopping challenge, because I know it is not just me who loves to buy a few new things every once in a while. Weekly, daily, hourly… I can shop a lot. I am a shopaholic (hard to admit, but it was a confession)

I know some of you might say that “Oh I only shop once every year and 50 days is nothing to me”, well it is a huge improvement in my shopping habits to me and a huge step forward in “adulting” for me. I am not that bad of a shopaholic, but… I have issues and I wanted to become a better me.

I get paid monthly and after paying for everything that is essential in life (you know all the adult things, like flat, bills, phone, etc) I start counting how much that shirt from Topshop, jacket from H&M and shoes from New Look will cost me and how much I have left after. Naah, I am not event thinking about how many times I will also go in shops “just to have a look around” and end up buying something, because it is important, very necessary, “I already have 6 outfit ideas with it“, or because “why not?!” “omg it’s so cheap anyway” or “#YOLO, I deserve it anyway!” I always found a reason to buy something. Women overthink everything, so it is not hard to find a good reason to shop. I never spent huge amounts on clothes (okay, half true info. The most expensive sweater I own was a £100 but it is a designer piece), because I shop in sales, charity shops, vintage shops and use all the discounts I possibly can, but my bank card could still cry from the mental pain of being used so much and not caring enough.

I believe in sustainable fashion and I love showing my outfits, wearing the same things over and over again, but I always added something new to my outfits that I got recently and wanted to show. These tiny addition to my wardrobe to keep it up-to-date cost a lot and I forget how many other things I already have. I have everything, I should accept this and sow that fashion is really about being creative with what you have in your closet.

So when the realisation came (It hit me one day when I didn’t like anything in the shops) I decided that what if I simply quit shopping? I enjoyed the idea of challenging myself with something like this, because there was always something I needed wherever I went, I always had something essential that was missing from my wardrobe or I always had ideas of what I would wear with what.

Nothing is missing from my wardrobe. It is just a stupid thought I (and probably you too) have after looking at magazines, social media accounts and seeing how other people wear the same clothes, spend money on things just to have them and show them on social media and how much more exciting it is owning all those clothes. I didn’t even buy these things to try to impress people around me, I bought them because they temporarily made me feel better. Another realisation again. They won’t make you happier. You will probably forget about half of the clothes you have as soon as you buy new stuff. I always wanted a wardrobe with essentials plus a few things things to spice it up and I have had that before my daily shopping sprees started.

As I said, I decided to challenge myself.

People around me did not believe that I was actually doing this. Some people were impressed with my achievement of spending a week without shopping!! ONE WEEK. There were those who did not believe I am actually doing this and they were waiting for the moment I break and use my bank card again. Obviously my bank card was another “someone” who was surprised by not being used so much. LOL.

Two weeks after I set my challenge I did not even go to shops. I did  not look in the windows, I did not look at websites. I simply did not care at all about clothes and shoes.

Then the sales started and someone asked me: “Are you not getting the shakes yet?” Oh yeah. I did not, but it was hard walking past the shops and not hearing those windows screaming at me that it is sale, my favourite time of the year. But nothing happened, I managed to go home without buying anything else than food. Just some extra information: I spent more money on eating out and food shopping than before that 50 days.

After 20 days I could not feel anything. No interest for shops or shopping, no interest in any sales or clearance. I did not want to add anything new to my wardrobe. I also had outfit ideas for the blog using the clothes I already have and surprisingly I always found something to wear. “Using the clothes I already have” is the original idea behind my blog so it was absolutely amazing putting outfits together for coming posts.

The 28th day (4 full weeks!!!!!) became a celebration day with my friends, because no one, not even my Mum and Dad could imagine that I will make it to that day. BUT I DID IT!


But then the 33rd day came. I said yes for shopping for a holiday with two of my friends. We went to three shops. I found a shirt, a pair of shoes, another pair of shoes (all under £15 just sayin’) and I DID NOT BUY ANY OF THEM.

And here I am. 50 days “clean”. (I am 100% showing on my Instagram if I shop)

I got the shakes, it was very challenging, but I saved some money and realised I don’t need all those clothes. I never needed all of them.

This was the best therapy I have ever had. I did not just saved money, but I also saved time! All that time spent with shopping and looking around went to spending time with real people in real time, talking and laughing. Many thanks for the support!

I am obviously going to shop soon again, but this time I will be more sensible.

Shopaholics out there, I challenge you to try this!


P.S: If the things I looked at during the shopping time with my friends are still in the shops, I am buying them. I already have a shopping plan.

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