The day-time pyjamas

The day-time pyjamas

I bought a set of pyjamas on the sale

(My original post was accidentally deleted, so I rewrote it to the original as much as I could. Sorry!)

I always wanted to buy a nice suit that looks cool with trainers, or heels or the loafers I have from an H&M sale, but I could never find anything that was unique enough and also fitted perfectly.

I hit the shops at the beginning of November and found this beautiful set in H&M. Okay this is not a suit, but it’s a matching top and trousers in an amazing silky fabric. It is definitely a Dolce&Gabbana inspired set and as I cannot afford that, I went for this. Three weeks after the moment when I first looked at it.

I did not pay the full price fo it when I first saw it. Not because it is not affordable, but because I did not feel buying it (one of those very rare moments). And then one day, almost by the end of the after- Christmas sales, I found this again ON SALE PRICE.

How lucky am I?!

So I bought it and decided to make use of one of my friends’ beautiful workplace interior!

I wore it with a pair of heels, statement earrings and went for the natural makeup with red lipstick to give it an elegant, “fancy fashion event” look instead of the sexy housewife look. In either way, I am planning a more causal outfit for the blog with this same set!


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Photos by Brant

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