Goth street style by Michelle

Goth street style by Michelle

Michelle, the “fake” goth.

I admire people who find their style in a young age and they just know it was meant to be. They always stick to it, they learn how to do it for different occasions, events, how to wear it daily without looking boring, how to give it a twist, add some extras and always find the way to impress without changing their style. Goth style is one of the styles I am talking about. I took photos of Michelle, who calls herself a “fake” goth. Let’s discuss the meaning of it later.

I like black, it’s a great colour, I love trying on all black outfits, but it’s very rare and special occasions only for me. So when I met Michelle it was so impressive for me how confident she is with her all black everything and colourful make up. She came to one of my photo shoots as she is Brant’s girlfriend, the person who I mentioned in my previous outfit.

I wanted to introduce her to everyone, because she answered one of those questions I am scared to ask from someone I don’t know that well. How did you find out that this is your style and this how you want to dress for the rest of your life?

“I had my pink phase too. I was wearing pink and white all the time, my original hair is blonde and it just looked great.” – Then once she listened to a My Chemical Romance song and the style change happened in the next 24 hours. (If you have never listened to them in your teenage years then get on Youtube, Spotify or at least Google please!)

Michelle only has TWO (let me repeat it so you get it, TWO T-W-O) COLOURFUL DRESSES in her wardrobe, a green and a red and that is it. The rest of her clothes are black, accessories are black (and silver or gold), and shoes anything that’s dark. I’m glad she was wearing burgundy velvet flatforms, so you can see how a “fake” goth does colours. Watch & learn. Just do it your own way then! 🙂 The other way of doing colour for Michelle is doing colourful make up which means you can never know what colour of eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter you will see on her, because this is the only colourful way for her.

Any other lover of #allBlackEverything, how do you do colours?

So now about that “fake” goth. There are many different types of goths but let Michelle speak, because she explained it better than I could:

“I know a lot about the alternative scene but goth spreads into so many categories and it’s turned very modern these days especially through Instagram.
The whole ‘fake goth’ thing is just a running joke really, but if you were to look at real goths, who tend to be in Central Europe, they follow the classic trends of white make up, heavy black eyes, dreadlocks, heavy clothing and huge shoes. They also listen to authentic goth music.”

I always thought that dressing differently – even if the outfit is Primark, New Look and a pair of beautiful Agyness Deyn Doc Martens – will come with judgements, staring people and admiration as well mainly when one dresses as differently as Michelle. “People who judge by style are either afraid to step out their comfort zone or they are jealous that they aren’t able to dress the way they want. I’ve had a lot of judgements growing up, about my style and it used to bother me so much but now I really don’t care. I like that I am turning heads sometimes or if people are like ‘wow that’s a bold look’ I’m like thanks.”

Who doesn’t like a bit of attention? And who doesn’t like being themselves that might turn heads but if that’s what makes you happy, keep doing You!


P.s.: All photos by Me!


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