Interview time with NinetyFour Mag!

Interview time with NinetyFour Mag!

I had my very first interview about my blog! WOHOOO!!

Imagine a conversation where all you do is talk about your biggest passion. If you are like me and can speak a lot (more than that) this would be a dream come true. Mainly if it’s with people who are interested in the same things or passionate about the same things.

I love when someone asks me about my blog or anything I do and it is related to my blog, because if someone else finds it interesting enough to ask about it, that’s feedback for me and one of the most exciting and best things is getting feedback!

I met Laura and Niahla through Instagram (lol where else?!). They started their creative lifestyle magazine, NinetyFour, to find and share the best of creatives talent and gain exposure for them plus help them find the best collaborations. How amazing is that? I know there are so many creative platforms, networking platform and all these stuff, but I never met one in the form of a magazine that focuses on creative talent so much! I’m not Scottish, but my blog has so much to do with Scotland and mainly Glasgow so it was such an honour being asked and then meeting with the girls for a coffee to chat about my blog.

I always had ideas, plans and passion for all the stuff I’m sharing now, because it became a thing in my life and it’s getting bigger which makes me feel like I’m on the right way in life to get where I want to be. So to learn more about my blog and because the about section might not have been enough, here is my interview with NinetyFour Mag!





P.S.: Find NinetyFour on Instagram  for all the special fashion stuff that will give you all the inspiration you need!


  1. April 21, 2018 / 1:24 pm

    Amazing Blog nice piece of work and the articles are good.

  2. June 30, 2018 / 6:14 am

    Nice! your blog is amazing and contains a lot of informative and trendy stuff. Good work keeps it up.

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