The Herald Awards

The Herald Awards

puI think 2017 is actually a really good year.

I did not expect a nomination for the Blogger of the Year for Scotland in 2017 at all, but I got it and I could not tell you how happy I am for getting it. It is truly a recognition from people who like individuality, independence and great ideas. It was not me who said it first, but I definitely took it personally.

I wanted to do this blog because I believe in creativity in fashion. I wanted to show how amazing it is to own the clothes you show on social media and to feel free to wear them twice, three or four times to prove that you know how to dress and everything you own goes with everything else you own. I don’t have borrowed clothes from brands, I have clothes from my Mum, from my shopping sprees in charity and vintage shops and some designer, high fashion and fast fashion shops. I buy what I like and what wear what I can in many different ways. I also have crazy thoughts and photo shoot ideas that would look better in a magazine than on my blog, but this is my personal public fashion diary, so enjoy everything I do.

This post is about the amazing night I had with some of my lovely friends from work, from university, from wherever I met them and also from Dress For Success Scotland in Grand Central Hotel on the 5th November. I am proud of myself and I am so happy to be surrounded with people who support me. Thank you for each one of you! 

My squad is definitely #SquadGoals because we definitely made an impression with our outfits and our happy atmosphere. I am happy to tell I am not the only crazy person in the world and that my friends dance the best. They could also cheer very loudly when they heard my name on the presentations. I was nervous, very nervous, but I knew whatever happens, we will have an amazing time anyway! And we did.

Huge thank you for everyone who came! Huge congratulations for everyone who won an award! Huge thank you for Brant for the photos!


I will do my best to keep the blog going and stay as interesting as I was described on the Herald Fashion Awards!


Photos from Kirsty Anderson

P.S.: I hope you enjoyed my Instagram story, if you missed it, check my Facebook Page! 😉

More photos about the event here.

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