Vintage & some black I own

Vintage & some black I own

The photo shoot in the Necropolis

I am not an “all black everything” type of person, but obviously I own black clothes, shoes, accessories and sometimes I actually wear only black.

As you can see from the photos, this is not an all black everything outfit. This is just another way to wear the vintage shirt I got from Budapest and my Mum said it is the ugliest one she has ever seen and it looks like something found in my Grandpa’s wardrobe. I usually search that wardrobe too for vintage stuff that are still potential choices for remaking, but this one doesn’t have a story like that.

I admit, it is different. It’s the type of top you either love or hate. I love it.

RE DB 3-15

RE DB 3-16

That shirt is love at first sight. Since then this is basically my “nothing to wear” top with a pair of black jeans and trainers, but this time I decided to dedicate this post to my second favourite pair of wide leg trousers. The simple black one.

RE DB 3-20

The trousers are almost 2 years old, “stolen” from my sister’s closet. She got them from H&M, got bored of them and as it was under a huge pile of unused clothes, I took them. The perfect fashion crime. The best part of the story is that when she noticed it on one of my Instagram posts, she asked where are they from and she did not care at all. Win?!

RE DB 3-18

I committed the perfect fashion crime because the price of this outfit is equal to nothing, but the sentimental value worth everything. Firstly because the shirt is still a jackpot in my closet, secondly because the trousers will be loved and owned by me for a long time. The shoes are vintage look-a-like heels with palm tree print. I got the inspiration to buy them from Sophia from Girlboss series. I have to share this little secret about platforms: The bigger the platform the comfier the shoe. (DUH?!). These are my comfiest heels ever.

I am excited to wear them again because they were not made and bought to be only worn once.


Photos, background idea and always the perfect encouragement in the busiest places by Brant Adam

Shirt – Vintage shop in Budapest
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – random shoeshop in Budapest (I have no idea about the name of it)
Bracelet – Pandora

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