Pink is my new blue

Pink is my new blue

Summer style

Holidays are holidays and I had one too. The name of the place where I went does not really matter, because I don’t think Google Maps could find it and even if it does, you would ask “Why the F**k would you go there?”

I still love to go “there”, but when it comes to talking about the place I usually just tell the people that I’m going to the End of the World. Because it is like that. Everything is green, everything is home-made, hand-crafted, quiet and friendly. It’s a tiny place, far away from the big cities with less people than you can imagine. But it is green, no wifi, no way to use my smart phone. And so many ideas for some fashion photography.

As usual I kept my “less is more” style and went for colours. Too bright? Good. Summer is summer and I needed pink more than anything in my life.


I love sales, the dress is from the Zara sales. It’s from the previous season and guess what?! I don’t care, because it looks great in my colourful wardrobe and this time I chose to wear it in a playful way. A bit bohemian, a bit festival style, I simply wore it because I liked it this way with the sandals and my new (also Zara) headband.



She is Nora, my best friend. She is my cousin’s 6-years old daughter, the happiest little girl I know, but she reminds me of me and I learnt from her that being a little bit crazy is good. We had and will always have more fun together than anyone else. That 17 years age gap can’t stop us.


I wanted a photo shoot with her in matching outfits, so here it is. I wish we had a bandana for her too, but how cute are our matching pink dresses? I will definitely have more Nora&Dora posts in the future.


Photos by Csilla, my lovely and very talented cousin.


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