Collab with Sian

Collab with Sian

I am one of those (very) lucky (and very thankful for being lucky) people, who had this idea of starting a fashion blog and it became a thing in her life. Like Boooom! I never thought, that this blog will actually get where it is now so quickly, because I am (was) a shy person and I always cared (care) too much (…more than that) about what others say. After the fashion show from the Dress for Success event I kind of forgot about worrying about what others might say, because without that event I would not have had the chance to meet any of those people! They are great, they have absolutely amazing aspirations and plans for their lives and they are so inspiring with their “Do what you want I’ll do my own thing” attitude.

I met Sian there, the owner of Sian Paris Boutique in Glasgow’s heart in Argyle Arcade where we took all these amazing photos (some in the shop some in the Arcade) with Brant!

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-2

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-3

This was my first collaboration. I said yes because by the time Sian gave the opportunity to collaborate I know her personally, I liked her clothes and guess what, I shopped from her! She has all the essentials, less-is-more and very stylish clothes every girls’ wardrobe needs. Just check these outfits! I’m dressed in Sian Paris Boutique from head to toe, even the jewellery is from there!

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-4

This is me as the new member of Destiny’s Child in its 2017 version.

Too high hopes? 

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-5

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-9

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-10

Marilyn Monroe would be jealous of my white dress…

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-13

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-14

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-16

I don’t know what to say about this, because all I did was dressing up and playing the diva role.

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-19

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-20

SPB Outfitters - Dora - BA-21

Aaaaand I also know how to do the “cool”…

So when you have the time, go and buy something unique, create your own trend with your own wardrobe because let’s be honest, we all want to show our real selves but how could it be possible wearing the same things as everyone else?


Photos by Brant Adam Photography

P.S. Every single thing you saw on Me are from Sian Paris Boutique !!

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