Mum’s pleated skirt

Mum’s pleated skirt

I love my mum’s clothes and  I realised they are returning on my Instagram from time to time. Those clothes deserve the attention. And here is one more thing to introduce from the things I collected from her: the pleated skirt. Apparently, my grandma had a very similar one too. Should I write a book with the title “One skirt, three generations” and share all the stories relating to that skirt?



Here is one from “my” generation:

I never had the chance to wear this skirt on the street, except the time of the photo shoot. It’s too thick for summer, too short for winter, when it’s windy during autumn my legs are freezing, it has an odd colour for spring and I just never felt that my outfit is “perfect” with anything I tried it on with. Karina gave me inspiration.



On the 5 May we went out for lunch (All these special meetings are documented on my Instagram, because I love sharing happy moments with happy people). We ended up going to a secondhand bookshop in Glasgow, because finding vintage fashion books and Vogue magazines are real treasure hunt for Us. The lady in the bookstore complimented Karina’a red pleated skirt and told us her story of a pleated skirt. She had to wash her mother’s and put it in women’s stockings (tights were not common during the ’50s she said) and dry the pleated skirt there to keep it’s shape and the pleats. “If you ironed the skirt, you ruined it” – she said. Those skirts were made of dull and strong materials, and there were only neutral colours available. This was her mum’s skirt so we are going to back to times when my grandma was the same age as me now and probably owned a pleated skirt, that came back to fashion when my mum was the same age as me now. And the pleated skirt is back in fashion again, lucky me owning a “real” one from my mum’s closet. The old lady was like a fairy who knows the secrets of the world. We started talking about fashion then history. She knew so much about the Soviet Union, Hungary in 1956 and Ukraine. Karina and me were just standing there impressed  by her knowledge and all the amazing stories like two little girls who never heard about any of those things. I love smart and wise people, mainly the ones who I meet unexpectedly.



Each outfit has a story, each person has a story and I’m glad I can share them.



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