In Milan with Karina

In Milan with Karina

In Milan with Karina

Glasgow is so international that you can even find places within the city that look like a completely different country. So the truth is we didn’t go to Milan with Karina (obviously, if we did that would be a dream come true for me), however we are planning to for a few days long fashion&food getaway. This time we only had a few hours between studying and sleeping to take photos in an area that looks like Milan.


Karina is a mixture of a Gucci and a Dolce&Gabbana girl in this outfit however her favourite is Prada. Whatever she is wearing she is always so glamorous that not one person stopped to compliment her or ask if she was a model. I hope once she will be. Remember, I found her and spotted her talent for fashion!


Her Gucci T-shirt is the season’s favourite and you probably haven’t seen anyone else wearing with an asymmetric gingham skirt so perfectly. And guess what’s my favourite part of her outfit? LOOK AT THE BAG! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? Funny, but so iconic!


There are so many things you can learn from Karina’s outfit. First: logo tees and gingham are the season’s favourites, also check the shoes! Flatforms are forever for all the short girls and everyone else who want to look taller without heels. Aaand a statement bag is a statement and that’s how you show your special self!


Skirt, bag – Zara
T-shirt – Gucci
Shoes – Stella McCartney

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