Winner of The Best Dressed Award 2016 in the Athletics Club representing himself on Dóra’s fashion blog with his Louboutin slip ons and perfect street style so you have every reason to be jealous!


Watch and learn Guys, Victor is not just an average Fashionista. You know it when you see it and that posing game! Damn! I just had an amazing experience shooting this Guy for the first time and I really hope it’s not the last!


Also he knows what street style is, so stalk and follow him on Instagram (@dapperknight).

About the outfit. Zara x Louboutin x Michael Kors to give a mention to the brands (I am not getting paid for this) and the perfect autumn colours in the perfect colour match in one outfit. Let the photos do the talk!




Sorry Guys, I think Victor just won the Street Style of the Year award!


Top – Zara
Jacket – Zara
Trousers – Topman
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Watch – Michael Kors

Photos by Dora P.

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