I don’t really know if I wore anything blue and shared it on my blog before, but now it is time to show something summery and something unusual. Unusual because I feel comfier in a pair of jeans or running tights, but I decided to wear a cobalt blue dress this time, because this is my new favourite summer dress!


I always see fashion Bloggerinas wear dresses all the time, mainly for special occasions, but I am not like that. Wherever I go I prefer wearing trousers or a jumpsuit! I love jumpsuits, I feel like I will never ever get bored of them, I actually can’t wait to share an outfit where I’m wearing a really summery one also from London.


But let’s go back to dresses. I don’t care that dresses are more girly. We are in the 21st century, fashion is like a game, do what you want, it is your imagination, no rules, no judging, everything you do with fashion is your decision, you are your own judge, you know what you want to do and how. I am not the first one saying this, you can also ask a psychologist or therapist and he/she is going to say the exact same thing about how to live your life. Be free! It’s always the easiest possible way to be happy.



I felt quite free in London, I had the feeling that I am home there. And to celebrate this feeling, I wore a dress! Yay! I love the leather jacket weather, so it was perfect for that summery day in London. This is not the last time I am wearing that jacket, I am the kind of blogger who is going to wear the same clothes but with different outfits over and over again, because this is how it really works when you are not paid for each Instagram photo. My accessories will always be the same. (Not always, but these are the ones I wear most of the time.) I love my Pandora bracelet and DKNY watch, the best and simplest accessories.



I have 5 outfits from London, different styles, sometimes the same clothes. 5 sides of Dora. 2 more left to share. 🙂


Photos by György Szokolay


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