This is not just “my” problem.  We have no idea what confidence really is.

People love to show off what they have, they like to let everyone else know what they did, what they got and where they are. And we have many kinds of social media platforms where we can do this. You can be whoever you want to on social media. The Queen or king of fitness with all your healthy stuff every other fitness blogger eats or Miss Universe, because you deserve that 200 likes and 20k followers on your half naked photos or the blogger with sponsor outfits that you can’t keep just while you take the photos. You don’t have to be yourself, because what if people think you are not cool enough. It’s all about how confident you really are.

I’m so jealous of those people who are naturally confident, who share their photos and you can see that they ARE happy in the photo, they enjoy their lives, they enjoy what they do and they share it because it makes them happy. They are the ones who usually don’t care what’s going on in other people’s lives but feel good when others support them.

There are those people who just don’t give a sh*t for social media. They exist, but they have better things to do than collecting “likes” on photos, status updates or anything else people usually share. You probably don’t even know about their existence just when they share something once in a year or until someone shares a photo and tag them in it.

And there are people on social media who we all “hate” and we wish we could just delete them because of all the selfies in the mirror, in the gym, on a beach and everywhere they go and also because of their stupid status updates. Do they want to make other people jealous? Of course they do. They also want to prove to themselves that they are pretty and confident with all the likes they have for the exact same selfie they uploaded before just from a  different angle.. Not enough likes? Let’s delete it. And share during “peak-time”, when they know that half of your friends are wasting time on social media. They are usually 16-24, high school queens or losers or university students who want to prove to themselves that they are not the same as they were in high school and want to live their own lives. People would think this is a ridiculous thing, but it’s not. These people become egoistic and they think that’s what life is all about. They are not inspiring, not showing you anything useful. They look the same, act the same and compete with each other and themselves.

There is no magic in this, most of us have done this because we all need those ‘thumbs’ to boost our ego sometimes. Most of these people never show anything to motivate you to work hard until you look in the mirror and say ‘Damn girl, you look hot!’ They show their own bikini-ready beach body to make you jealous. Except those fitness ladies who try to motivate you to buy their fitness books and healthy shakes which will help you look like them. It’s not that easy. A 9-week long bikini body guide does not mean you can stop after 9 weeks, you need to work harder and harder and harder to keep that body healthy and to feel confident.

Think about it. Why do you share a photo? Why do you take a selfie? Don’t you want to make people feel better about themselves when they see your posts? I love sharing funny photos of myself or selfies with my friends because these are the moments worth living for. When I can share a selfie with my Mum and Dad that makes me the happiest person ever, because whenever I will look back to that photo, I will remember the moment, and the time I spent with them. The same with my friends. Whatever I share on my social media sites, or on my blog, I do it to entertain and inspire people. Social media is a lie, but

I love how people react when I say I want them on my blog and I love when people tell me they want to be on my blog. I feel like they would enjoy a little bit of attention and the fact that this is  a place where they can show off what they like to wear and who they are. Everyone’s time will come, I promise, because if this makes someone happy, it will make me happy. I love making people happy and confident, and when I share something, I just want to share my happiness.

Everyone can learn how to be confident, maybe it’s a selfish thing, but it’s about the ‘self’ and that should be the No. 1 person in your life. Why do you listen to others? To be like everyone else? We have enough ‘everyone else’, we need more unique people. I would rather be the crazy girl who will never be understood than the one who is like ‘everyone else’.

Show yourself, show your selfies, your best moments, your most amazing experiences and be interesting, entertaining, someone who we will always be happy for. Be You!


P.s.: I feel like there are so many other things to talk about relating to this and I am open to anyone’s ideas!

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