Here I come again with something new. New in a sense that I have never done this or anything like this before. I always loved making my own clothes or buying something ugly and remaking it to something I actually like. This time, I chose something more traditional and I turned it into something modern. Many thanks to my mum and granny, because without their help I could not have done this. (Oh and thanks for their patience, because it took me some time to understand as it is not something people can learn in 2 hours…)

My Grandma’s home is full of traditional Hungarian embroidered cushions, blankets and carpets. When she was young this was her hobby. Young in the 1940s-50s, when Facebook did not exist, when you could not upload your Starbucks/Costa/whatever coffee cups or new luxury branded clothes on Instagram, when you could not send selfies on Snapchat at random times from random places, when internet was not even a thing in a village with only 700 people, when people actually met and talked about their lives. When people lived in reality. I am criticizing myself too here, because it is impossible to live without the internet in the 21st Century. That is why it is always a new experience to go and see my Granny in the village where she grew up and where I still cannot connect to wifi or find signal in my phone to at least call someone. I can only take photos and make emergency calls with my iPhone in that place. Smart.

2016-01-23 15.37.10

I went to the granny village after Christmas last year. It is always so inspirational. During my time at home in Hungary, I asked my granny to teach me these embroidery techniques. Of course my Mum joined us, because this is something she had to learn too. So it was my time to learn something new and  traditional. It took me days and days of practice and by now (more than 4 weeks later) I can say that I am confident with using this technique.

2016-01-23 15.34.02-2

So here is the very first thing I made without help. I did not let anyone tell me how to do it or what to do with it. I refused my mum’s help (she was very desperate to help me, so she sat and watched me every time I was working on it), because this was something I wanted to learn on my own. When I made the very first mistake, I did not have anyone to blame. Just myself. Sh*t.

2016-01-23 15.16.14

Now I am quite proud of what I have done so far, because everyone who saw this top when I finished it really liked it. Now I will need to do another one with the same stag on it for Harriet. I still cannot believe she liked it that much to ask for one for herself, but it is a good feeling and I will happily make one for her 🙂

2016-01-23 15.30.36

Guess why I chose a deer?! Because it is a symbolic animal for Hungary and when you see one in real life, it is so majestic.


P.S. I am wearing so much black. Too much black.

Photos by Jegor M

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