Welcome on Dóra’s Fashion Blog!

Hello There and Welcome!

This is the blog where you will find inspirational outfits, hand-embroidered clothes, vintage and second-hand clothes but most importantly: many different people with many different styles. You are welcome to join us!

My aim with my blog is to encourage people to show how they wear the same clothes in different ways. Fashion is about creativity, you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish or fashionable. We were all born with style and it is okay if you don’t know what your styles is yet. You can try many things, but always be creative and enjoy all the options you have.

Show limitless outfits with the limited amount of clothes you own!

I own everything I wear. Some of them are from my mum’s vintage wardrobe. I like to wear my clothes in different ways, because this what makes me feel more comfortable and better about shopping. Enjoy looking at the same trousers and tops over andover again on my blog!

I know sometimes it might be boring looking at the same person who wears the same type of outfits. I like to play with my clothes but I also admire people with different styles. I know a little bit about photography so I take photos of girls and boys who love to dress up but they don’t know how much they could actually inspire people if they had a blog. So here I am to do this for them.

I did English Language at the University of Glasgow to learn the language and start a career in journalism. I started my blog to practice and write about something I love the most. All the fashion knowledge I “show off” on my blog is from books, Netflix and other documentaries. I love fashion magazines so much that I wrote my dissertation on Vogue and I could not be happier for such an amazing piece of work that even my professor loved!

I learnt embroidering from my Grandma and my Mother. I did several different sewing classes in Sew Confident Glasgow because I love creating. I show all the handmade stuff on my blog, so subscribe at the bottom of the page and



For any questions, enquiries or more information contact Me at dorasfashionblog@gmail.com or check out my Social media 🙂