Welcome on Dóra’s Fashion Blog!

Hey Lovely Readers!

This is the blog where you will find inspirational outfits, hand-embroidered clothes, vintage and

second-hand clothes but most importantly: many different people with many different styles. You

are welcome to join us!

My aim with my blog is to encourage people to show how they wear the same clothes in different

ways. Fashion is about creativity, you don’t need to follow trends to be stylish or fashionable. We

were all born with style and it is okay if you don’t know what your styles is yet, because you can try

many things, but always be creative and enjoy all the options you have. High-street shops offer

many things, but have you been to a vintage shop? You can find real treasures there or in charity

shops! Remember fashion does not always have to be full price!

I own loads of clothes. Some of them are from my mum’s wardrobe from when she was 20-25, so

the same age as me now. I love her clothes because they are coming back to fashion and she has

such a good style! I like to wear my clothes in different ways, because this what makes me feel

more comfortable and better about shopping. Enjoy looking at the same trousers and tops over and

over again on my blog!

I know sometimes it might be boring looking at the same person who wears the same type of

outfits. I like to play with my clothes but I also admire people with different styles. I know a little

bit about photography so I take photos of girls and boys who love to dress up but they don’t know

how much they could actually inspire people if they had a blog. So here I am to do this for them. I

also love traditional clothes and teaching something new in every post about fashion. For me

fashion is not just about clothes, style and posing. It has a history, something that has been keeping

it alive for so long. I own at least 50 fashion books and Netflix will send me an email soon that I

have watched the same fashion documentaries too many times and I should get a life. In all

seriousness I love fashion for every bit of it.

I learnt from my Grandma and my Mother how to do embroidery. I started learning sewing as well

so soon I will show some of my outfits that I made myself. I made once a pair of embroidered jeans

and even Sew Confident posted about it because they were impressed! I love how much people like

what I can make and I love when I hear the positive feedback about people enjoying reading my

blog and looking at my pictures!

I am happy to inspire people, because I enjoy doing what I love and still making others happy!

Thank you for being here!



For any questions, enquiries or more information contact Me at dorasfashionblog@gmail.com or check out my Social media 🙂