From skinny to cigarette slim

From skinny to cigarette slim

For several different outfits

There is life after black skinny jeans or literally any types of jeans I have ever worn on the blog. That life is full of striped, checked, flared and slim trousers that can come in any colours and shapes because you can make it work with anything you already own, because it is just as easy as wearing jeans and a nice top.

I invested in two pairs of new cigarette slim trousers. One in black with grey and beige stripes, the other one is the one I am wearing on Brant’s beautiful photos. They are great with a skin tight turtleneck or with a  baggy sweater. I will definitely give a got to denim shirts or boyfriend t-shirt with the trousers and maybe a pair of high heels for the classy tomboy girl look.

Oh so many outfits in my head! I love buying things that truly trigger my imagination and give me all the ideas. I can’t wait to share them.

Watch out, the trousers are coming back, because you know what’s better than wearing your clothes once? Wearing them more than once 😉


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