Saturday night with Michelle

Saturday night with Michelle


The way people chose outfits for different events and occasions are absolutely based on what the society would accept for that event without judgments or negative comments. But (and there is always a but) we look up to those who do things differently, because they seem to enjoy leaving their comfort zones and not caring about what people say, just doing their own thing. Surprisingly in my eyes Michelle is one of these people.

I am going to be honest here. The shoes are not my style, the top would look awful on me and I would never suit the hair. But she does. And this is exactly what I love about this outfit, that Michelle knows she looks amazing and she is confident, playful, happy and enjoy the way she looks.

I want you to understand what is going on here more, so I asked Michelle and instead of putting her story in my words, I decided to show you what she said exactly. It sounds better from her, because it is just as original as her outfit:


Jacket is from New Look Kids, top is H&M, skirt is I Saw It First and shoes are from TK Maxx.
This outfit is kind of a classic ‘Cathouse’ outfit for me. Usually I pair the top with a skater skirt because I am very uncomfortable in bodycon anything. However when the whole PVC/Vinyl trend came out at the beginning of this year I was all over it.
This skirt is the first bodycon skirt I’ve purchased and liked in a long time.
The whole outfit screams ‘grunge’ more than anything else which I adore. As soon as the 90s trend came out a while back I loved it. Every day. EVERY day I will wear a choker and I won’t be stopping that anytime soon. This is why I paired it with a big thick choker, space buns and big chunky shoes. These shoes are my favourite. The give me the height so desperately need and they were an absolute bargain at £12! Since they were in my small size 3 as well then I couldn’t say no.
90s kid til I die 🤘🏻

You’ve heard it all from Michelle herself and I honestly think, no one else could scream confidence as good as Michelle does. It seriously comes through my photos, so I am so happy I took these.


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