Edi’s dresses -No.2

Edi’s dresses -No.2

A dress with memories

I did two photo shoots with Edi on the same day because she has two beautiful dresses that are perfect for the summer but also for any occasion. She is a down-to-earth girl who shops where she likes and believes the freedom of style should never just be about big brands, the latest trends and clothes that scream “I am expensive”. Fast fashion shops are still out there, because they are affordable and deliver many different types of clothes. You can be a different person every day. There is one thing I would like to add: when you buy something, make sure it would stand the #30wears test which means you will wear it more then once! If it doesn’t then you can find something better!

Edidiong shops online at student budget sites such as Missguided, New Look, Pretty Little Thing – “I don’t really shop anywhere exciting I guess, mainly online”

We all shop in these places and we all make them exciting for ourselves, because you can never know when and where you will find something beautiful like a pink patterned maxi dress. The dress stands out to Edi in her wardrobe because it was given to her by her Mum.

She has such a great sense of style, but this dress was too small for her so she gave it to me. I wish I could wear it more often but we don’t have the weather here and also I feel like it is too bright and people are looking at me. When I was on the shoot it made me realise it is too nice to be in my wardrobe all the time and who cares if people are looking.” OWN IT. The photo shoot was the official “first wear”, but before that a guy friend of ours was made to wear it on a holiday. I would love to share that photo, but I am not sure he would like it.

One dress, all the memories – now a photoshoot is in the album of things both of us will always remember. I will remember because the dress has a beautiful back cut and shape I am envious for! It works with the golden accessories and make up that Edi did herself. Maybe it was bought from a shop we all shop from, but only a few of us could work a dress like this oh so well.


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