Make up inspiration from Kitti

I put 0 effort into my make up, so you will not see me like this very often.

My sister has been attending make up classes (and having her exam soon) and I have to admit, she knows what she is doing! I have always been the one who cared more about clothes than beauty so seeing and listening to her advice while she was practicing on me made me realise that it is not as hard as I thought. Also, I am not into beauty that much, so you won’t see posts from me about how to use your blush, foundation or certain beauty products. You might see me in a face mask on my Instagram, but I can’t promise that.

I do so many things wrong when it comes to doing my make up and I am happy to admit it, because you learn from your mistakes. I know the basics, that might be useful for lazy people like me or people who just got into this make up thing and have no clue about it, like these:

  • wash your hands before you do your make up (I always forget this so believe it or not, I am almost 100% sure I had food leftover on my hands and then on my face before.)
  • use toner to clean and close your pores (I kind of forget about this one as well and only wash my face with water)
  • get a primer that hydrates your skin before you do your make up (The Nivea one is winning for me)
  • get a lighter concealer than your foundation
  • do eye make up first and then everything else (I only do my mascara…)
  • use the right colours and know your face (I knew my skin is very sensitive and always too pale for any foundations…)

All the things I know I have to do before I jump on my face to cover spots, acnes, red areas and feel a bit better. But when I am not in the mood, I wash my face aaaaand… that’s it. #NOMakeUpDay

I am a lazy person for make up, but I could put more effort in it I just need to know more.

Lucky me, whatever I do with my face I have an oval face which is a good start for anything according to my sister.

I wanted to show all the looks she has done for me as an inspiration for MUAs and people who know what they are doing out there. Also the reason why I shared this post is because I wanted to encourage people to try something new and doing your make up can be just as new as starting going for runs in the morning. Or doing and practising something you have never done before but always wanted to try.

I will still love my face, I will buy the wrong products sometimes, then bin them, swear a line about wasting my money and go buy something new. But this is how the first world works and we all learn better from our own mistakes.

But one thing before the photos: You are pretty just the way you are. If you don’t have to, don’t change it. If you want to then change it and enjoy the result. Make up covers up a lot, you can hide behind it or enjoy creating it, but you will always be the prettiest natural. 🙂

Okay, I’m done with the pep talk, but I wanted to make sure that you know that you don’t have to do it, if you don’t want to. For example I will never be able to put more effort in my make up and will always get it done for special occasions.

Enjoy the photos!


P.S.: you will only see me in makeup like these when I pay someone to do it for me. Also, none of the above photos are edited or photoshopped or filtered. All of them are photos taken in natural room lights. 🙂

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