Urban Retreat & The ACT

Urban Retreat & The ACT

Beauty treatments, clinical training in a luxurious environment. I was there to test it.

Before I tell you a few “insider secrets” from Kate and Jenny, from Urban Retreat At The Academy, let me just write a few thoughts on where I was, how long was I there and what happened exactly.

You know the feeling when you decide to go for a spa day, or to get your nails and hair done and you book into a place you have never been before. You step in the place expecting to be treated like a princess and if you chose well, you will be trated like a Queen. You are welcomed by a lovely smiley face right at the front desk,  she is also very polite and kind to you and probably one of the most prepared because she knows you are coming.  When I stepped in to the Academy I was absolutely impressed by the beautiful and luxurious interior design that screams professionalism in every area. The Academy was created for people who want to become qualified professionals in Nail Art, Massage, and Beauty treatments like Dermarolling and Dermaplaning and/or become a Make Up Artist. I had a few questions for Kate and Jenny about the place which you can all read about below. I have a few photos with Kerry, the amazing Make Up Artist who turned me into a princess.


The ACT and Urban Retreat was established in Cumbernauld in August 2017 and was launched just four months after, run by Kate & Jenny, who are both the creators of the amazing and luxurious interior designs that you can spot as soon as you step in the building. I am impressed with the atmosphere in the salon and I am very keen when visiting new places like this because it is not just a beauty salon. People chose where they go based on their feelings and the amazing service. The services may be similar to other places, but “we have a luxurious environment in which to train and we have a full working salon, offering students the opportunity to experience first hand the salon environment.” – adds Kate. From the warm welcome, to the rooms for Massage, Pedicure, Manicure and the MUA area the whole place is perfectly organised and decorated and gives you the feeling of being treated there by professionals who know exactly what you need. My favourite place was the MUA area that Brant (my photographer) captured perfectly. Kerry, MUA used Mii cosmetics to create my look, inspired by my vintage purple trousers and my comment on loving trying new things and sparkles. This is the type of professionalism I am talking about. Just a little idea for anyone wanting to host a more exciting party than just drinking in a bar: for groups wanting to enjoy a Girly day the ACT offers Afternoon Tea Parties with a 2 hour make up class. Guess what’s my next birthday plan will include. 😉

Frustrated with the lack of “quality and recognisable Education and Training regulations” within the industry we decided we would like to start our own training school with quality training and education at the heart of the business.  Offering Training to College Lecturers looking for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) or someone looking for a change or careers, or a salon owner looking to extend their list of beauty skills.” Many people have joined the always expanding opportunities of the beauty industry, based on my experiences learning to become a Make Up Artist is the most popular, probably because people can use their imagination and creative skills to earn money. One of the more popular courses at the ACT are Dermaplaning, Dermarolling and Lash courses, although they offer over 35 courses. You have a wide selection of choices if you would like to learn something new, course lengths varies from a One day Fast Track Course, to a more detailed qualification which would run over approx. 13 weeks. I would love to encourage everyone to try something new, because maybe your hobby becomes your work and isn’t it the best way to live? Doing what you love to do? Many students have been to The Academy to learn new skills, which they can then use to earn an income, some have even returned to become part of the team of Beauty Therapists within Urban Retreat, the beauty salon within the Academy. Urban Retreat currently has 600 clients and is growing fast. If you would like to sign up for any services, take a quick look on the website at www.theactuk.com for the course or treatment list and book your favourite 😉

“The goal is to be the best Training Academy in the UK and open branches all over the UK.”

I am impressed and will return.


Photos by the amazing Brant once again 🙂

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