Edi’s dresses – No.1

Edi’s dresses – No.1

The Queen of prints

Let me start this blogpost with one thing that I have talked about before. Many many people said to me before that I should take photos of this or that person because they have great style or because he/she is a model or because they have loads of followers on Instagram and they could bring me more followers. But they are not my friends. I chose my models because they are role models in my life and because they want to experience the type of photo shoots I do. I love seeing the progress of my friends throughout the shoot. It always puts a little pressure on people and they are nervous at first. Unfortunately I can’t get everyone who I truly love and appreciate in my life are here on this platform. For example, my dad would never let me take photos of him for a fashion blog.

The people who you see here are people who I learn from and who you could learn from too. Not always on a personal level like me, but always on the level of showing and expressing themselves through my pictures.

Edidiong has been my friend for over three years now. She is crazy in a very positive and inspiring way. She has style, she has amazing make up skills (she loves Fenty Beauty because it is really easy to use) and I wanted to show you her because she finally let me take photos of her in her amazing dresses.


The first outfit is here, so meet Edidiong. She loves prints and colours, but also like a plain black dress and she told me about her shopping secrets – subscribe to the blog and you won’t miss the next post all the deets.

I used Edi’s words to describe how she feels wearing this dress, and I have to admit I am so impressed how someone can change that comfort zone so easily just by wearing a dress. “I really like the blue dress because it’s not like anything else in my wardrobe so I often tend to go for black fitted dresses, because you can’t go wrong with an LBD. I never feel like I can wear something so bright and colourful. I love that it’s not fitted, how flowing freely it is because that’s just so different to what I always do. Also the split is a bit high, I’m usually not a fan, I even got a tailor to sew it up a smidge to bring it more into my comfort zone and yet it still.. It’s pushing your comfort zone I guess.

After all the photo shoots with all the ‘normal’ (aka not model) people on my blog, I can kind of see when they lose their comfort zones and start feeling themselves and doing their own thing in front of the camera. Edi is naturally beautiful, I am glad she has never done a photo shoot before but I could see the change from ‘beginner in front of the camera’ to that confident person who does as she like and who I know. We are quite comfortable with talking about anything with each other, I asked a question that I felt uncomfortable asking, but I am curious and the reply was more interesting than I expected.

I asked Edi, if she thinks that coloured women’s dressing habits, style, and choices in clothing differ from caucasian women’s. The reason why I asked this is simple. I came from a different country, fashion is different, clothes, shops and styles are different there and there are still so many things I would wear here in the UK, but I would not in Hungary because I could not handle people staring at me. They did that when I wore my floral boots. The difference is not a big thing, but it is always your choice to blend in the society your are currently in or to do things the way you learnt from your family or from traditions in your home country. I think I am open-minded enough to blend in, but keep what I like in my own home country, so there is balance between the too.

Edi’s answer was: “I think everyone dresses differently regardless of the colour and I can’t speak for everyone. I can’t put my finger on what I would say black women dressed like because you can’t categorise. Not every black woman dresses the same . If I had to say something, had to give a reason, I would speculate that maybe it originates from the fact that African clothing that has a lot of vibrancy and patterns and colours and maybe subconsciously this trickles into my style and choices?? But who can really say.” 

What can I say? I love that uniqueness is still uniqueness and that you can do whatever you want, leave your comfort zone, wear what you like and be yourself. My posts are always about that unique thing in you that is you and yourself anyway.



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