The floral boots I can wear with anything

The floral boots I can wear with anything

It’s time to show some legs because it’s summer in Scotland

I never thought that once I will wear skirts as much as I do now, but after that life-changing experience with the burnt orange pinafore in the snow I had to admit that I LOVE wearing dresses and skirts. They are fabulous, so “girly” and I feel comfortable in them.

I had this skirt for at least two years, and the only time I wore it was my very first introduction outfit post on the blog. I don’t even know if I still have photos from back then, but I always knew that the skirt will be back and it is back now! I decided to go very simple, keep it as “less is more” as possible, because these floral boots would take away all the attention from everything else in this outfit. Since I have got them they became my favourite. It’s great having things in my wardrobe that just add a little bit of extra to my simple casual style.

I know not many people likes navy and black together, but I am quite happy with the combination in my outfit. I have to admit, not every navy & black looks great but the difference between the fabrics of my jacket and my skirt make it work very well. And I know you can buy a leather or faux leather jacket in any colours, but I like it in black so I can wear it with anything.

Just like these beautiful flower boots which have been on the blog so many times, I actually can’t believe no one told me that I should stop wearing them, mainly in this weather.

I like what I like.


Photos by the amazing Brant Adam

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