Spring style by Mario

Spring style by Mario

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New season, new you, new closet and when the sun is finally shining in Glasgow even if it is still very cold) it is time to show our brighter sides and wear those bright spring and summer colours. I have been waiting for so long to finally wear bright colours and I don’t mean blue, because personally this season I am all about green, yellow and pink in many different shades, patterns and I am even making sure to choose the right fabrics.

After a 54 day therapy of not shopping and still doing photo shoots of my outfits, I realised it is time to show one of the old faces on the blog again who are great at showing something old, new, vintage, second-hand and who always look very fashionable.

It’s Mario’s time! Again!

Glasgow’s Merchant City is always a perfect background for a simple street style photo shoot, so I will probably stick to this one street and George Square to keep the background plain and the outfit in focus.

What I love about this outfit, other than the perfect balance between accessories, colours, and fabrics, is the brightness! Exactly what we all need for spring and summer. I believe that these colours would work during the dark days of autumn and winter, but we all tend to wear more colours during spring and summer because that’s what we see from the fashion shows to magazines and fashion shops.

Mario loves colours, I know it and I see his always bright and colourful outfits that suits his personality perfectly, so it wasn’t hard for him to pick an outfit for the photo shoot and let me show it to You to give you some inspiration of what to look out for if you like Mario’s style and colour choices.



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