i-on Magazine x Topshop

i-on Magazine x Topshop

My very first event review

More photos by Cat Thomson here.

I decided that instead of posting away everything on my Instagram story, I will write about it as well, because I want to show you how many amazing people were there, and in general how much fun these events are!

So If you are looking for local fashion, culture, restaurants, anything you can do in your free time, i-on magazine is a must read. It’ monthly, they have a great social media and they always update you about the best things to do in the UK and the best things to shop for!

This event was a collaboration with Topshop. Nicky Howden, editor-in-chief of i-on magazine asked Carolyn Knox about latest trends. Carolyn is Topshop’s personal shopper. She has got the dream job and she is very good at it. I was so amazed with all the clothes she was showing us that I completely forgot to take photos, but here are some of things she showed us.

The conversation, Q&A with the two Ladies of fashion were absolutely engaging about the summer trends! I could not even focus on anything else than the conversation they had about next season while we were all looking at Carolyn’s top picks from the shop. Her advice and best outfits included: camouflage, polka dots, colour blocking mainly pink&red (her personal favourite, she was wearing a pink and red long-sleeve blouse to show how much she loves it) and also blazers, wide leg trousers and jeans.

I loved them all! I am a huge fan of polka dots and stripes together, and after the event I had a good look around in Topshop and I can’t wait to shop! (currently I am trying to spend less on clothes, and it has been over 30 days I haven’t shopped, but I like a good update for the coming season!). I also love putting interesting and bright colours together, so green and yellow, red and white, red and pink and orange and red are all my favourite this season! And there are so much in Topshop to chose from!

After the Q&A Carolyn showed me and my friend, Karina around the room created for Personal Shopping. She has the talent and the perfect place for this job, I loved listening to her enthusiasm!

I also can’t wait to see the lovely photos, i-on magazine’s photographer, Cat took and to see what other events i-on magazine is planning for the rest of the year.

I just live for these events seriously!



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