Unusually bright for winter

Unusually bright for winter

The one I made just in a different outfit


This is an usual outfit because of all the colours and the mixture of fabrics and you might not wear it as a street style thing, but you are you (uh sasss). I love the trousers I made for myself. They have a very special colour that you won’t see in shops because it has nothing to do with the colours of the season. Also the styling might be simple, but as I made it for myself it’s 100% personalised. Unique I call it.

Also I made it for the Herald Fashion Awards that you should definitely check out here. (I got the most reads ever on that post). I made it so I’ll wear it. Not once but several times, so here is how I would wear is in a casual street style way without the fancy accesories. No hair do, no make up (half of my face was still numb during the time of the photo shoot so I coulnd’t wear more than foundation), just á la naturelle.

It’s winter, so let’s do the cosy and warm outfits. A cream knitted turtleneck will do. I saw similar outfits in one of the series I watched and this outfit totally looks like something other people would wear for home, because with this jumper it reminds me fancy pj bottoms. They are not pj bottom, but definitely fancy. I think I will enjoy wearing this with summery clothes more.

Never enough of colours and I have a limited amount of coats, so here is the big pink one I wore in my Gossip Girl style post and I also wanted to mention that it’s something I got from Dress for Success Scotland.

I tried to find the perfect coat for it, and I had more than one options, but I love this pink so much and I loved the contrast between the teal and the pink. Plus the mixture of fabrics makes this outfit even more interesting. I like to be colourful during winter time as well, however I also like to be warm and satin is definitely not the best choice.

It still looks good though.

Enjoy Brant’s photos!


P.s.: The photos were taken in Glasgow’s oldest building. The garden was very icy, but who cares when we were going for the perfect background!

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