Budapest photo album

Budapest photo album

Whenever I come here, there are always new photos to show

I don’t want to spam my Instagram feed with photos from Budapest’s scenery, places, food etc, neither my Instagram story because I know not everyone cares where I am from and what I do there. I took some photos again of places I have been to while I was in Budapest. I always decide to go and try new things, go to different shops, try new cafes, new activities and even if I go back to the same places (that are my favourites) I always choose a different way to get there. Budapest is huge, it’s also beautiful and for someone who only goes there once or, like me, twice a year, there is always something different to do.

Here are some photos from places I went to and from places I have already been. I also added some “detail” photos of things I got while I was here. The jumper on the photos is an Abodi Dora design from a shop dedicated to sell only Hungarian designers clothes. This is the link to the shop’s Instagram. They are affordable and very unique. I always wanted one like this and now this is one of the most precious things in my wardrobe.

Enjoy the photos!


P.S.: If you want to know any of these places, give me a shout! I am happy to send social media, phone numbers, websites or anything else!

All photos taken by iPhone 6 on normal camera settings without any edits.

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