The story of a pinafore

The story of a pinafore

Winter time outfit photo shoot from Glasgow

Do you remember Christine? The girl with the “outlandish” style? Yeah, she has clothes she doesn’t want any more because she doesn’t need them. Or some kind of similar reason like that.

The important thing is that she knows that those clothes are in the right hands when they make their way in my wardrobe. So after I saw this pinafore I realised this might be the very first casual dress I have.

I totally understand those people who are more likely to wear trousers (jeans, velvet, tailored etc) than skirts, dresses or anything that doesn’t have legs. I prefer wearing trousers. If you haven’t noticed it already, more than half of my outfits are with trousers. I decided that it is time to show some legs, and some dresses I own, so I try and show how do I do dresses and skirts. The funny thing in this post is that I could not have chosen a better time to wear it… It’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s windy, the tights are very thin layer and the pinafore only covers half of my body but it looks great on the photos. Fashion comes first, then I’ll think about the weather.

Although let me add that I wasn’t cold and I really enjoyed the walk in the snow and taking these photos. And one thing I learned about myself is that I love wearing dresses! I think I will always be a “trousers person” but I had to realise that dresses are pretty, comfortable and look great with any type of shoes. Maybe it’s a start of something new which comes with loads of skirt/dress outfits! 🙂



Photos by Brant Adam

P.S.: Brant is a great photographer and I am soo proud to work with him, so if you need a good photographer for events like weddings, birthdays, graduation balls or anything else, click on his name above and give him a message on FB! 🙂

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