Street style by Mario

Street style by Mario

And loads of information on how men dress.

I am not a professional. I don’t even have a profession, but I am extremely (sometimes annoyingly) curious and adventurous with everything around me. Fashion is my passion, my hobby, my main interest. I read books about it, magazines, watch documentaries, TV shows, follow the most important people, communities, interesting pages about it and I love listening to people who are just as passionate about dressing up as me.

Here is one interesting thing: I could never dress a men. They always seem to know what they want to wear and they have more limited ideas about fashion, style and clothing than women. They shop differently, they prefer quality over quantity and they have one (and only one) style that they follow and always stick to. No offence and all my respects for the exceptions (you are definitely rockin’ what you are doin’!!) but this is what straight men do.

Homosexual men seem to be more adventurous- says the “expert”. I have never seen so many different “styles” on one man as on Mario. Every single day there is a new outfit styled with one of the 60 pairs of shoes he owns and it comes with a whole new personality. Or a whole new thing about him that no one knew before. I can’t describe his style.

But Mario can: “I would describe it as an eclectic style which means that my personal style is a mix of different styles…like one day I would dress in a classic way with a nice shirt and skinny jeans and a pair of brogues and the next day I would put some dungarees and a baggy jumper.”

The day of the photo shoot was a poncho day with layers. It was also one of those days in Glasgow, when the snow was falling as heavily as rain could. It was too beautiful to be missed.

Here is Mario’s very simple but fantastic outfit. Mainly if you focus on the tiny details, like the leather bow tie with the flannel checked shirt. The hat and the glasses (what on earth would make you wear glasses when it’s snowing, if not for fashion?), and the shoes that are a few years old treasures from Aldo. The studs are definitely keeping the little bit of rocker style in the outfit, but as classy as Mario can be (always is) the bow tie and the hat is the perfect match.

We did not expect that this will be a snowy photo shoot, so instead of outdoor photos only we went to a candy shop and a vintage shop.

Enjoy, watch & learn some great styling and be adventurous! 🙂


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