Winter look by Queenie

Winter look by Queenie

The proof that some boots just go perfectly with everything

Shop wherever you want! Those rules are to be broken, because some people just don’t care if it says kids section, women’s department or men’s floor. They shop anywhere, anything, any time, no limitations or thinking. (This is how we do it, and this is why we are still sensible shopaholics)

So if you are one of those people who do break those gender, age and “everything else” rules you will know how amazing it is finding something in the kids department for cheaper and just as pretty as something from the part of the shop that was targeted at you.

The reason why it’s Laura back again on the blog, is because she shops kids clothes and because her Docs are amazing and because I simply love her always so simple but fabulous style! The Docs are the main reason though because this is not the only outfit where she is wearing them 😉

Laura’s trousers are full price new collection. Same with the jacket, but the main reason of the introduction sentences is the top, because it’s Zara Kids. This is not the first time she brings something to my blog from the kids section, and I absolutely love it, so let’s just celebrate the fact that some girls just never grow up enough to leave the kids section.

Or be serious, growing up and acting like a grown up is for boring people. We are here to show the different, because it’s exciting and fun to do things differently. It makes you believe that impossible does not exist!

Looking back at these pictures reminds me of the day we spent with Queenie. There is always a story behind every post that I don’t share because it’s too personal and the focus is on the outfits all the time. She is an absolutely amazing person, you can trust me with that and if you have someone who you can get lost with, get in trouble with and still don’t feel like it’s serious, keep the person and do all the craziness. (Tiny tears in my eyes at the time of writing this part of the post, but seriously I love memorable memories 🙂 )

Don’t say bye to Queenie yet, my public fashion diary aká fashion blog has much more space on its pages for all the loved ones!


Enjoy the photos! x

Photos by Dóra (me 🙂 )

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