In January I wear red.

In January I wear red.

Introducing one of the small amount of jackets I own.

My very excited post about going to sewing classes continues, because it’s not enough for me making one top, I need an actual outfit… then another one because I made it to wear it and it’s quite a unique one for me.

Also I am excited that this is my very first 2018 outfit post with so much winter style in it!

So Brant, Michelle – photo shoot assistant, girlfriend and FAN OF MY BLOG ! (do you know how happy I am when someone says something like this?!)  – and me went to explore Glasgow.

We chose the new City of Glasgow College building as our background. First because I wanted bright colours in the background. It’s winter, it’s always dark and I like bright and it’s in perfect contrast with my outfit! I love when Brant and I can find the perfect match with outfits and backgrounds! It’s so satisfying!!

I love colours, I believe in wearing colours in any seasons and I don’t care any more that people are staring at me when I am wearing my long pink coat, but I understand it’s a very noticeable one (check the other outfits on my blog!) My red cropped jacket looks just as fab as the pink one.

I decided to wear the cropped top I made during these cold winter days, because I managed to finish it in a very short period of time. I love adding small details to my clothes and embroidery might be a very time taking detail to make, but this cropped denim top looks much nicer like this, than if I wore with jewellery. I drew the pattern. I wanted to create the a look of a statement necklace, so I spent an hour on Pinterest to find patterns and try to create something unique. I drew it myself on the fabric with a pen and then embroidered it. The rest is not as interesting as designing something so simple, but so pretty. 🙂

I got a compliment not long ago that red suits me, so wearing denim was not enough for this outfit. I needed something red and as I had this jacket …



Photos by Brant Adam

Sailor cap & boots – H&M
Jacket & jeans – Superdry
Denim top – send me your order requests (diiiiiva)

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