The men’s chinos

The men’s chinos

I remade a pair of chinos from Superdry’s Men’s clothes.

I always wanted a pair of chinos, but it is so hard to find one that looks good on me. I looked at women’s ones, but it is always too big on my tiny waist, even the smallest size. If I found that fits it was obviously ugly or had a pattern I would never wear. So after spending a few month (if not a whole year) looking for the best one, I found one in Superdry. Find it somewhere on the men’s floor.

I tried on, I paid for it, I took it home and I spent 3 hours taking it in on the waist and making it into a high waisted. They are still lose cut, but they are very comfortable. They are smart, but casual and this is what I enjoy in it the most.

It’s winter and it’s Scotland, and I also wanted to join the “dark side” even if I prefer wearing bright colours. I chose to go for black and the khaki coat. This coat is a 2 year old sale coat also from Superdry. I think the main reason why I feel like this outfit is very smart is not the chinos, but this coat. Smart casual is the one (diiiivaaaa)

Another good story in this outfit is the eyepatch. You can find the first post about it on my Instagram. I have (had, because it’s kinda gone now after 4 weeks finally) a rare condition, the numb face will go away and with the that the resting bitch face as well, but this was the only facial expression I felt confident with when we took the photos with Brant. I couldn’t fully close my left eye. You can’t even imagine the pain when something goes in it. So after wearing a pair of fake glasses and letting basically anything go into my eye, I had to change it to the eyepatch. I added some crystal stickers and made my left eye a bit sparklier than the right.

I don’t say I enjoyed wearing it, because one half of my world was missing. (Don’t want to sound too dramatic, but it was very dramatic) But if I had to wear it, it had to be part of my outfit. Oh and making it personalised with the sparkly decor… will it ever become a fashion statement? I am 100% sure that I would not wear it just for fashion. This was the other way round. It wouldn’t have been like that without people around me actually encouraging me to wear it and OWN IT (*snap* *snap* *snap*).

Who else if not me? (diiivaaaa)

After four weeks the numbness is almost fully gone. I wore the eyepatch for 10 days. One day for a fashion event and it was more fun than I thought. But anyway many thanks for all the encouragement I got from everyone! 🙂


P.s. This is my only outfit with an eyepatch for the blog. It makes my sass sassier.

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