Karina’s Christmas Party

Karina’s Christmas Party

Yup, we are only a few days away from Christmas

I have a very exciting story to tell you. I usually do my photo shoots in quiet outdoor places but this time we went to Glasgow’s George Square to check out the Christmas Market. More like to take photos in the christmas market.

Obviously people were staring and whispering, but who cares! I had a fab model and now I have a fab blogpost about her!

Also this was the first time a street photographer asked us for a photo, because she liked our looks. We always “dress up” when we go somewhere with Karina. Meaning: we always wear what we want and we just always end up looking so fashionable (diivaaa). Sounds a little bit self -obsessed? Well, who doesn’t like some attention and compliments? It doesn’t feed my ego, it is just an approval for keep doing my blog. I like doing what i’m doing and getting compliments for my outfits, photos, social media, posts or anything else that relates to my blog is something that I take as a positive feedback. So thank you!

Thank you for Karina for making this photo shoot a great fun, thanks for all those people who were staring at us, thanks for that security guard who whispered to his friend’s ear  and then said “It’s fashion”. Thanks for that photographer who liked our looks and asked us for a photo. Thanks for everyone who enjoyed watching the photo shoot that day in the Christmas Market! Thank you for reading this and I really hope you enjoy Karina’s outfit, because she deserves the attention!

I love fabulous people, they are my favourite otherwise they wouldn’t be on the blog.

This is an inspirational outfit for your next Christmas party, because you don’T want to wear sparkles, green, red, silver, gold or something christmasy. You want to stand out, want to bring a different season back instead of winter and want to enjoy the attention. This is why I love that Karina broke the good old traditional rules (again) and instead of her sparkly pink skirt she chose to wear a pleated one. Pink is the definitely my new winter colour, because it’s not wintery at all but still looks fabulous!

 I feel good that I chose someone outstanding again.

This post goes out for all those people who love to dress up! Christmas is 100% your time. Keep your fabulous all year round!


P.s.: I feel like this autumn/winter is seriously all about pink.

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