I went to sewing classes and I loved it!

I went to sewing classes and I loved it!

The only way is Sew Confident!!

I have a list of things I want to do. It’s like a bucket list but I hate calling it that, it’s a list of “Before I die…” things. It’s sound cuter… (diiivaaa)

Here are a few thing from my Before I die… list:

  1. Learn French … not necessarily as a third language, but at least a beginner level
  2. Learn using the sewing machine and make the dresses from the scrapbook
  3. Go somewhere far away with my little sister and get lost
  4. ….
  5. ….

The rest is too personal, but the most important part of this list is No.2. Because I finally went to beginner sewing classes! (I also started learning French, but sewing is more exciting) and now I know how to use the sewing machine and those clothes are soon will be in the making… soon.

But about the classes first. Sew Confident has been mentioned in Vogue, so it was definitely a place to check out and their studio is so cute, I could not say no.

And if you want to know more, here is what Jenny has to say about her amazing company:

At Sew Confident we cater for all sewing abilities from never seen a sewing machine up to more accomplished sew-ers who want to learn a particular skill. We have beginners classes, pattern classes(like the one Dora was one), overlocker, lingerie and quilting classes to name but a few. At Sew Confident it’s all about creating a fun, stress free and social environment to learn in. Some people come along because they are dying to sew and some people are looking for some time for themselves and the sewing is a bonus. We always have a lovely bunch of people, and copious amounts of tea and biscuits(And we also sell sewing machines and supplies), so if you’re looking to take up a new hobby you should give sewing a go with us!”

If this is not encouragement enough for all the creative people out there who need a new hobby (Guys included, check the website, you’ll find the one for you 😉 ) then nothing is and you should stay at home! (oooh saaassss)

First let me tell you about my beginners class. I learnt a few things there that you can learn too if you go and you can make these very cute things! My favourite is my own make up bag that is perfect for my brushes. Me and make up are two different worlds but I have the essentials and I like to be organised. If you go, you’ll learn the basic knowledge of everything that you have to know before you start sewing. Don’t expect to be a pro by the end, but expect to be good enough for the next level. You’ll do useful things, you’ll make mistakes and someone will help you solve the problems. You will definitely be happy with your knowledge by the end of the class and will want to go back!

I was very happy with myself and my new knowledge, so of course I went back. Going on the beginners class was one of the most exciting things I have done, so it was time for the next step.

My pattern cutting class was more exciting! Why? BECAUSE THAT’S WHEN I MADE MY OWN TROUSERS FOR THE FASHION AWARDS. And also a denim top that you’ll see in one of my outfit posts.

This is the class where you can feel like a pro. Like a pro pro in whatever you want to make. Obviously help is there again if you need, because you’ll need it. But on this class the main focus is actually on you making it your way and learning it your way. You don’t know what you’ll learn, but you will be smarter and happier with all your new hand-made things and knowledge. It’s all about the fun you are having.


Here are a few pictures to show you what I made and this post also a big thank you post for Sew Confident’s Jenny, Colette and Elizabeth. I never had a class without tea and biscuits and some interesting chats. I went to all of these classes to learn, but without the socialising part of it it would have not been the same. So now that I have the skills to do simple thing,  a sewing machine to actually make these things and some time (less sleep more fun) I will actually start doing what I like to do. And obviously no one will miss anything, because I have a blog to share everything I do.

I seriously want to know what do you think of these things I made, so give me a comment! Don’t judge, these are the first thing I made and I am a happy to decorate and wear the clothes.

Enjoy the photos I took just for this post!


P.S: This is not a paid post, I wanted to share my experiences and all the creative stuff I love to do, I only showed this to Jenny when it was done. She liked it so much she offered 10% off for any one of you who would like to learn sewing, so head over www.sewconfident.co.uk  and use the code “HAPPYSTITCHING” for any classes!!! Hurry up before they sell out, you don’t want to miss this experience 🙂

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