Wearing purple

Wearing purple

The story of the trousers I found on Vinted.

I bring the 1960s back. The modern age when hippie clothes became a thing and wide leg trousers became a statement. Guess what?! It’s 2017 and they are back in fashion THANK GOD!

Dora and DFS-27

I don’t have a problem with skinny or slim trousers (denim, chino style, jersey anything…) but I am a huge fan of wide leg trousers. And I am also a huge fan of Vinted. A website for the lovers of second hand clothes where you can find the best noname stuff or if you are a bit of  lover of a label (I am… I’ll tell soon why) Vinted won’t disappoint you. This is not a paid post to advertise them, it’s me preaching how many good things they have and how much I love these purple high waited, wide leg trousers I found. It cost me £8 with delivery. If it’s not a bargain, what is?!

Dora and DFS-30Dora and DFS-32

About labels. I don’t mind paying more for better quality and I would like to own sooner or later a few iconic fashion pieces, like a Chanel Boy Bag or Hermes Birkin, but these are just dreams. Although you can never know what you find if you keep your eyes wide open and not afraid to buy a previously owned branded clothing or accessory. Just because someone worn them before, it does not mean you can’t use it. If you are unsure ask, no one will kill you on Vinted plus you will definitely be so lucky with whatever you find!

Dora and DFS-31

I am a fan of colours, but I like to keep it simple, however still needed something sparkly. So here it is a very simple outfit, showing off my new and very cheap trousers and my talent for wearing my white Adidas trainers with absolutely everything. I am surprised I didn’t take them to the Herald Fashion Awards…

Dora and DFS-33

For my beautiful necklace many thanks to Flutterby!

For the photos my always amazing and very patient photographer, Brant.


Top&Hat  – H&M
Trousers – second hand, Vinted.co.uk
Necklace – Flutterby Gift Boutique, Glasgow


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