Here comes Queenie

Here comes Queenie

We went to London and what is a London Girls’ Trip without a photo shoot?

There are quite a few people around me who bring the best out of me. Laura (her real and original name that I never use) is one of those people who I always have fun with. It’s like being away from reality and doing something crazy. For example when we decided 3 days earlier on Saturday we are going to London because we have tickets for the Stylist Live (with a free manicure which was worth it).

And we went. Whoever doubted us doing anything like this does not know either of us at all.

We went, we had fun, we got our nails done, we had free drinks and free food, we had a photo shoot.


We got lost, and we got lost again. But we learnt how to use the Underground and we managed to come back to Glasgow in one piece.

I wanted to take photos in front of Notting Hill’s colourful houses but as we could not find it at all and we didn’t have the time to wander and explore, we picked some of the cute streets in the area for some photos. I chose the most colourful parts I could, because it suits my blog and definitely the perfect background for Laura’s very first outfit post.


But let’s talk about autumn/winter, because this time of the year can be just as stylish as any other time.

Laura’s trench is a must have for the season. Whatever is “in season”, a trench is iconic and classic. It’s always “in season”.  I’m dreaming about a real classic Burberry, until then I am happy with my Superdry one.

I love hats! And it’s so LONDON (mainly with the trench!!) – Do we want to move here Laura? Of course we do! We can dress like Londoners do anyway!

Meaning: we love and we do fashion.


This is my favourite portrait ever.

Queenie loves make up too, which is good because I can finally start doing something with the “Portrait” part of my blog. I don’t know anything about make up but as she has plans with her make up skills… I have plans with her 😉 The rest will be revealed soon…


If you have checked out the make up, now it’s time to focus on the outfit.

Laura is wearing a dress from Zara’s kids section. Watch & learn… if there are 3 departments in a shop, you gotta check out all 3.

I believe in wear whatever you want, so this is definitely a unique piece. A key to a simple but fashionable outfit. And this season is all about checked clothes, so Laura’s window pane dress (yes, this is the real and original name of the square pattern on her dress) is definitely the perfect choice for the season even if it’s not from the latest collection. Remember: fashion is all about being creative. Not labels and latest seasons.


Hey Paddington Bear!Nice scarf! 


Dressed for the city and a little bit for the weather. This is what you will see this autumn/winter season on the blog.

Still: me and my people are here to give you outfit inspiration and Queenie wasn’t cold in this outfit, so this is something anyone could easily copy and wear. For example for a Girls’ trip. 🙂


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