Fantasy photo shoot – Cinderella

Fantasy photo shoot – Cinderella

Story of the Princess who walked in high heels in the mud

I have photo shoot ideas that have nothing to do with street style and I want them to come true. They are ideas of outfits no one would wear on the streets. It is about outfits that look great if they are in the perfect environment. It is like creating a very arty photo shoot for a fashion magazine to make sure that the clothes, the scene and the model will make an impression. And also to make a great inspiration with its unwritten story.


This is the kind of photo shoot where the photos speak and you watch.


I love princess stories. They inspire me and make me believe in things that are too unrealistic for others. I love fairy tales exactly for the reason that they are tales and because you can never one when it will come true.

As I probably mentioned before I love Cinderella. She is my favourite Disney Princess, I love the movie version, I watched the original animation more than a 100 times on VHS and I still have Cinderella II: Dreams Come True also on VHS. Because Cinderella really has a second part. She was my inspiration for this shoot.


My type of Cinderella is definitely always crazy and super excited about anything… like cupcakes. She would still lose her shoe and she would still fall in love at first sight with someone she has never seen before.


The dress I am wearing is from my graduation ball. My mum said as soon as she saw my outfit that I look like Cinderella. Even my hair was similar. I wore the dress with a blue denim jacket for the photo shoot which I got from H&M at least 4 years ago. This jacket has sentimental value, as this is one of the things I brought with me when I moved away from home. It goes with everything I have in my wardrobe and it will always be my “I don’t know what to wear” choice.


I had this idea of a lost princess in a lost, old, half demolished castle photo shoot and thanks to Lyall, a 2 hour long road trip to the Northeast end of Scotland and some good lightning, it became my very first magazine style photo gallery. I will call all these types of blogposts/photo posts to Fantasy photo shoots. I also have to tell that I loved playing the princess in this one, but I might chose another model for the next one.


What no one can see on the pictures is that I walked in high heels in the mud and in that very thin layered dress in the rainy, windy Scottish weather. My photographer and some lucky tourists had the pleasure to see me walking around Kilchurn Castle in this outfit. Thanks for not laughing at me, I really appreciate the compliments.

I am glad that I went through with the idea  and I am happy Lyall put just as much effort in these photos as I did. I hope you love the results too, so here are all the photos from the shoot. The rainbow was there (probably just for me- Diva), it’s not a photoshop trick.



Photos by Lyall

Dress – H&M
Necklace – Flutterby Gift Boutique Glasgow
Shoes – New Look

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