Polka dots

Polka dots

If there is a pattern out there in the world that suits my personality best it’s either something blue & shiny with some flowers or something covered in polka dots!

So in this post I used everything I have that suits me the best and wore them together. And what would be an outfit like this without an actual story?

Dora and DFS-21

The shoes: Zara, from last season but they are definitely my friends’ and readers’ favourite. Maybe not everyone would wear it but I am wearing it. It looks like something Cinderella would wear if she was a 21st Century Princess who wears skinny jeans and white t-shirts to embrace her sexy French Girl self, by wearing simple outfits with extraordinary shoes. I love them because they are satin, navy blue and that huge crystal is something my “less is more” outfit needs sometimes.

Dora and DFS-23Dora and DFS-25

The top: H&M, new season. I am not becoming boring, I am just happy that polka dots are finally black. I wasn’t sure about the cropped style and the big arms but I ended up loving it. I feel like I should wear this top with my purple wide leg trousers. Oops, that is from the next post!

The hat: HAND MADE. By an amazing lady from my sewing class, who can knit quicker than you can chose a new beanie for winter. I only picked the colour and voilá I have a French style hat that looks better than any hat I own.

Dora and DFS-26

The bag: Gift from Flutterby Gift Boutique in Glasgow! How cute and it comes in so many colours! Check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

Dora and DFS-24

I know I’ve said this so many times but this is another outfit that is so me. Everything I wear and own are so many but this is my cute princessy self with all the playfulness you can imagine. And colours, it wouldn’t be done without some colours.


Photos by Brant

Hat – Hand made by Diane
Top – H&M
Jeans – Superdry
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Flutterby Gift Boutique, Glasgow

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