Mum’s denim skirt

Mum’s denim skirt

Another clothing from my Mum’s vintage closet, another story.

I had my very first night time photo shoot. The way it looked is that Lyall (check Insta here.) set up lights and flash and everything in the middle of the street for the shoot, and I (as always) just had to pose. Here are the beautiful results and if you scroll down a bit, I have a fashion story, because what would a post with beautiful photos be without a good story?!


All the clothes I own have some kind of sentimental value. I buy a dress, a pair of shoes or a pair of trousers if it’s ideas and love for first sight. This is how I know it’s meant to be, this is why I am unable to decide that “Today I am going Shopping”. I can’t do that, because nothing will catch my eye and nothing will feel like it’s meant to be, because I planned that shopping day. PLANNED.  My clothes come to me unplanned. Sometimes I am “online window shopping”, because I feel like I haven’t had a look at what shops have to offer and accidentally I find a pair of shoes I can’t live without, sometimes I am bored and decide to take the bus to the next stop so on my way to food shopping I can pop in to some shops to see what they have. I have to be in the mood to go in to certain places. It is very rare that I am looking for something. I usually go in and let the good things find me. Probably this is how I am always a lucky finder of something extra beautiful and extra cheap.


The same happens when I decide to spend a day at my grandma’s, looking through hers and my Mum’s stuff. Sometimes I am not in the mood to even take a look at those stuff, sometimes I am full of ideas and inspiration and take everything I find and create the outfits that perfectly suit my personality. A little bit of “less is more”, a little bit of playful, a little bit of colour, something I know where to wear and how to wear from the limited amount of clothes I own. The “limited” does not mean I have a small amount of clothes. I have a huge wardrobe, I mean “limited” as I am not going to buy something because the skirt I found can only look nice with a new top. Everything I buy and find and get for free looks good with everything I already have. This is how I created my limited, but “always have something to wear” wardrobe.


This post is about the almost midi denim skirt I found in my Mum’s wardrobe. It’s almost 30 years old… it’s still in perfect condition and it is the perfect skirt to wear during autumn with a pair of tights and a cosy knitted jumper. And I already got my boots out. My legs need a bit of training for the heels… Simple, playful, casual and most importantly wearable. Otherwise I would not show the outfit photos here.

Photos by Lyall Gallacher

Jumper – Superdry AW16
Skirt – Mum’s wardrobe
Tights – New look or Primark, I can’t remember sorry!
Boots – H&M – They are at least 3 years old…
Earrings – H&M


  1. Joanne dunlay
    March 17, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Thanks for all your help in the store yesterday Dora. Your showed me colours that would go with the clothes id bought that id never have thought about at all until u showed me😀I don’t have the imagination you have n it was so helpful to have good advice and to look at things differently style and colour wise. Luuuving the denim skirt and the red jacket . Thanx Dora x

    • dorasfashionblog
      March 18, 2018 / 2:19 pm

      OMG! thank you soo much for this comment, I am so happy!!! I am so happy you enjoyed your shopping with me 🙂 I am happy to help any other time too!! 🙂

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