Something outlandish

Christine is one of those people who has a style like no one else. She is the definitely an outstanding friend with her silver hair, and her clothes just add more to her amazing personality. She is the person you will stare at when you see her because she will wear something you cannot imagine on anyone else ever and that is a good enough reason to make her debut on my blog.


And also welcome something shinier than you and your jewellery collection will ever be. Her sparkly jeans. I am in love with them.


I could not ever imagine an outfit like this on me, but that is not a judgement, this is something that made me want her on my blog to keep myself and all of you inspired. And she said yes for the photo shoot!


Christine knew my love for fashion and outfit stories and this one is so far the best. Her T-shirt is a vintage from her own wardrobe when she was 7 years old. Show me anyone else who could still fit perfectly in something 10+ years later?! She got her unique style from her family. “My Dad was in a glam rock band so I was raised on big hair and sparkly clothing”. Understand the jeans now? 


I would definitely describe Christine as a funky person with interesting style in the best possible sense. It’s special, as she said it’s a bit sentimental as well because she owns loads of clothes that used to belong to her family. A little bit vintage, a little bit sparkly and loads of hair.


Everyone has style, everyone knows how to wear clothes, but there are people out there who just do it a little bit better. Christine is one of them, so I am keeping an eye on her and the next new thing in her wardrobe. I have a feeling it will be photo shoot worthy.


P.s. Christine is on Instagram, here.

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